A surprising vice presidential candidate

Who was the only vice presidential candidate, on a losing ticket, to be elected President of the United States? The answer is Franklin D. Roosevelt. Roosevelt ran for vice president in 1920 with James Cox. They lost badly to Warren G. Harding. Their campaign was underfunded which limited the amount of campaign items they issued.

Here is a decal that provides photos of the two candidates. This was probably intended for the window of an automobile or maybe the window of a house.

This piece is quite rare, but its price does not compare to the collector value of a button that shows both of the candidates. The Cox and Roosevelt jugates are the “holy grail” of political buttons. The prices have ranged from perhaps $5,000 for a piece with problems to over $50,000. This little 7/8 inch button (not mine) sold for over $30,000.

Why is this piece so pricey? "First, there are not a lot of them, and second, it shows FDR in a little-known position, except for political junkies and history buffs. Third, most of the people who collect political buttons are liberal Democrats, and this is a prime example of the “patron saint” of Progressivism.

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