A Thanksgiving Wish


Acknowledging there is much to be done in order to even stabilize this ship known as the United States, it is our ship - and for that I give thanks.

So, with that solemn thought in mind . . .

I want to wish all you TURKEYS a happy Thanksgiving!!



Ditto from the Pappadave household!


Going to Thanxgiving @ Elks Lodge in Redding ,always an epic event …


We’re having ours at the home of our foster kids in Norman since our foster son is still laid up with that shattered left leg from his motorcycle accident last month. Norman is only about 10 miles away, so it’s no big problem for us. Both of them will be there along with their two daughters, their husbands and the two children so we’ll have 10, including the great-grandsons who are 9 and 2. Should be a ball!


I am going to deep fry a couple birds while my sons and son in law help me finish laying the brick for my wife’s new outdoor kitchen, it is a beautiful day with blue skies and about 65 degree working weather!


This bears repeating:


I hope everyone had as nice a Thanksgiving as WE did. Turkey w/the trimmings and a coma during the Cowboy’s embarrassing loss to the Panthers. Romo threw 2 pick sixes and one more interception before being knocked out of the game–probably for the season. Otherwise, it was a fairly close game but for the 17 points Carolina got courtesy of Romo.


I spent the day working on the kitchen sink. The sink had been acting funny and it had blocked up and drain opener had not worked so I had to take the plumbing apart and auger out the pipe. I thought I was home free after I cleaned all the parts and put them back on but alas the J bend crumbled in my hand when I was dry fitting the pieces. So here I am going out on Black Friday to get a new J Bend. I am not looking forward to it. I went out several years ago on Black Friday and swore I would never do it again. The little woman had Thanksgiving with her family .


Wasn’t THAT close.
The scores aside, the Panthers defense OWNED the Cowboys offense. The Panthers Offensive Line kept the Big Push at bay. Heck, you hardly heard anything from Greg Hardy. The Cowboys defense would make great stops but on 3rd and long, Cam would complete a 24 yard pass to move the chains. If you watched the lines, the Panthers got the push on both sides of the ball.
The Panthers lead the league in takeaways. 3rd ranked defense. You gotta figure they’ll contribute a few points, in every game. Kuechley is an animal. Josh Norman kept Dez in his pocket.
Nah, wasn’t THAT close.


Not exactly. Go back and watch the replays. In ALL three of Romo’s interceptions, Dez Bryant was OPEN and Romo chose, instead, to throw the ball to his tight end.


I watched the game, and I watched what I could of the three interceptions. The Coleman interception, Bryant did not get open until the pass had been released. Norman was right there with him. On the first Kuechley interception, you are correct, he beat Josh off the line. Romo must have not seen him. The second Kuechley grab, Bryant was well covered.
So, he was targeted 8 times. Caught only 2 passes. Only one against Norman for 6 yards. I’d say Norman owned him. He trashed talked Norman before Norman even made it out of the locker room. Got his words shoved back down his throat.
Romo can only do so much. With the pocket collapsing, and considering his collarbone injury, he was not at his best.
But, the media seems to agree that Norman owned Bryant.
The Herald:

He matters because he made Dez Bryant not matter. He broke up the first pass that went Bryant’s way and held him to just one catch for 6 yards.

The Observer:

Norman, meanwhile, was in a “dark place” the entire game, he said. The cornerback shut down Dallas’s Bryant completely. He never had an interception, but he also batted down anything that was going to be a big play on his side.

CBS sports:

Bryant is just one of many No.1 wide receivers that has been a non-factor against Carolina. Jacksonville’s Allen Robinson is the NFL’s seventh-leading receiver, but he caught just one pass for 27 yards against the Panthers. The following week, Norman helped limit DeAndre Hopkins, the NFL’s third-leading receiver, to 53 yards. The next best receiver to face Carolina this year was Mike Evans, and he recorded just 32 receiving yards.


On a Romo interception, Bryant was caught by CBS cameras yakking at Norman instead of staying with the play and trying to stop Kurt Coleman from scoring a touchdown. “Me and him were having choice words,” Norman said of the play, "then I pointed at Kurt as he scored and I said, 'Look at that, Now take that back to your huddle and come back again. "

If Romo had been healthy, maybe things would have been different. His absence for 7 weeks obviously affects his rhythm. Even he said he was slow to react. But Carolina’s defense had the whole team stifled. Hardy had zero tackles, and zero sacks. Running game produced only 36 yards. Yes, the interceptions equaled 17 points and I guess you could say it was close in points, but consider that Carolina was content to run clock, and chose not to try to run up the scors.