A third of New Orleans population lost


Rocked by natural disasters and a steady exodus of residents, this flood-damaged city lost nearly a third of its population in the past decade, according to Census data released Thursday.

[*]http://i.usatoday.net/news/_photos/2011/02/03/nolax.jpg By Sean Gardner for USA TODAY
Abandoned lots and flood-wrecked homes remain one of the city’s top hurdles to full recovery from the devastating floods of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
[/LIST]Census workers counted 343,829 residents in New Orleans last year, down from 485,000 in 2000, or a 29% drop, according to the data. The count was slightly lower than previous estimates of 355,000.

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I felt this comment echoed my sentiments completely

**diamondback 55 **

A lot of States have much higher Welfare Payments then Louisiana, so it stands to reason they will lose a portion of their Population, if not all of it. Go where the freebies are, Right!


they’re not lost. They’re conducting their criminal activities and government fraud in other localities.


I feel bad for the loss of history, but not the people. How can you live in a bowl, surrounded by water and let the levies go bad. I don’t buy the “The Bush Administration did it” line. If your staring at potential problem that is possibly life threating you better act now and place blame later.

Edit: I’m not talking about the deaths of the people, just them leaving town.