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CO2, (carbon dioxide), in the atmosphere gives life. Without CO2, there would be no plants. Without plants, there would be no humans or animals. It’s a precious circle of life created by God. Plants take in CO2 and give back O2 (oxygen). Humans take in O2 and give back CO2. Plants, humans and animals need each other.
Those who want to limit CO2 in the atmosphere are advocating harm to the circle of life. That’s completely reasonable for followers of liberalism, socialism and communism…the three, progressive ideologies of death.


There are a number of threads that I use in my arsenal. One is the Holy Bible. Two, are the Dennis Prager books “Think a Second Time,” and “Happiness is a Serious Problem: A Human Nature Repair Manual.” A final book that I use on a daily basis is entitled: “American Politics and Principles: Liberalism and Conservativsm Revealed,” by Mario Paolini. Some of the chapters are: Politics, American Politics, Liberalism, Conservatism, Political Ideologies, Political Views,Economy,Environment,National Security,Foreign Policy,War on Terrorism,Immigration,Religion,Energy. The e-book compares and contrasts more than 700 different issues/arguments between liberalism and conservatism. It is 220 pages long. The website is www.americanpoliticsandprinciples.com


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I found a cache of it. Pasting here so it doesn’t get lost in time:

[][YouTube] - The Great Global Warming Swindle
][Google] - The Great Global Warming Swindle
[][Google] -The Great Global Warming Swindle
][YouTube] -Global Warming - Doomsday Called Off
[][YouTube] - Climate Catastrophe Cancelled
][DivX Video]CAUTION CONTENT LANGUAGE - Penn and Teller - S06E06 - Being Green
[]Penn & Teller: Al Gore is an EPA – ‘Egregiously Pushy A**hole’
]The Anti “Man-Made” Global Warming Resource, STOP the hysteria
[]Man-made Global Warming - So What If It’s a Hoax? By Geoffrey P. Hunt
]EARTH IN THE BALANCE Don’t Believe the Hype Al Gore is wrong. There’s no “consensus” on global warming. BY RICHARD S. LINDZEN
[]FREE INQUIRY Climate of Fear Global-warming alarmists intimidate dissenting scientists into silence. BY RICHARD LINDZEN
]Why Global Warming is Probably a Crock By James Lewis
[PDF] - []Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth One-sided, Misleading, Exaggerated, Speculative, Wrong By Marlo Lewis, Jr.
]Gorey Truths 25 inconvenient truths for Al Gore. By Iain Murray
[]Chill out over global warming By David Harsanyi
[]Global Warming: The Cold, Hard Facts? By Timothy Ball
]There IS a problem with global warming… it stopped in 1998 By Bob Carter
[]Resisting Global Warming Panic By J.R. Dunn
]A Necessary Apocalypse By J.R. Dunn
[]Inconvenient Truths for Al Gore A Skeptic’s Guide to An Inconvenient Truth By Marlo Lewis
]Gore’s flying visit questioned
[]Group questions level of energy use at Gore home High electric billing records show ‘green power’ also was purchased By ANNE PAINE
]Al Gore’s Personal Energy Use Is His Own “Inconvenient Truth” Gore’s home uses more than 20 times the national average
]Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’? – $30,000 utility bill
[]Gore Responds to Charges His House Uses Too Much Electricity
]A Modest Proposal to Eco-Celebs Clarice Feldman
[]Green Power Switch®
]Gore may get doctorate By Elena Rozwadowski
[]Al Gore rains on his party Andrew Bolt
]Celebs Who Claim They’re Green but Guzzle Gas
[]Citadel, Shaw, Tudor Shun Global Warming as Short Sales Climb
]Say what? The report on global warming you didn’t hear about BY TARA SERVATIUS
[]The IPCC Should Leave Science to Scientists By Marc Sheppard
]Global warming activists turn storms into spin
[]FOX News Poll: Most Americans Believe in Global Warming By Dana Rohinsky
]Global Warming Effects Could Be Seen in 10 Years Giant Mirrors to Deflect Sun Suggested as a Possible Solution
]Remember Global Cooling? Why scientists find climate change so hard to predict. By Jerry Adler
[PDF 1975] - [][Newsweek: The Cooling World](http://www.schnittshow.com/cc-common/mlib/15/01/15_1262722033.pdf" target="_blank)
]Amazing Mars picture show planet’s ‘dramatic climate changes’
[]Cosmic rays blamed for global warming By Richard Gray, Science Correspondent, Sunday Telegraph
]On Global Warming: Follow the Money Indeed! By David Asman
[]Who’s Afraid of Global Warming? By J.R. Dunn
]An experiment that hints we are wrong on climate change Nigel Calder, former editor of New Scientist, says the orthodoxy must be challenged
[]Del. global warming skeptic stands pat State climatologist on opposite side of governor in court case By JEFF MONTGOMERY
]Del. scientist’s view on climate criticized Ties to big oil, industry-funded lobbies draw criticism By JEFF MONTGOMERY
]Al Gore, Global warming, Inconvenient Truth Scientists respond to Gore’s warnings of climate catastrophe “The Inconvenient Truth” is indeed inconvenient to alarmists By Tom Harris
[]Harper’s letter dismisses Kyoto as ‘socialist scheme’
]AEI Critiques of Warming Questioned Think Tank Defends Money Offers to Challenge Climate Report By Juliet Eilperin
[]Two New Books Confirm Global Warming is Natural, Moderate
]The real deal? Against the grain: Some scientists deny global warming exists Lawrence Solomon, National Post
[]Climatologist Timothy Ball sends PhD to Canada Free Press By Judi McLeod
]Global Hot Air Greenhouse hysteria. By Thomas Sowell
[]Global Hot Air: Part II By Thomas Sowell
]Global Hot Air: Part III by Thomas Sowell
[]Climate change: our fault, or cosmic consequence? JAMES MORGAN, Science Reporter
]Global warming is a theory, not scientific fact By PETER WORTHINGTON
]Global warming ‘over-hyped’? By Christina Bellantoni
[]Media climate By Greg Pierce
]Al Gore full of hot air: Klein, Gore bashes oil sands development By FRANK LANDRY
[]Global Warming’s Real Inconvenient Truth By Robert J. Samuelson
]Two New Books Confirm Global Warming is Natural; Not Caused By Human Activity Drudge Report
[]Humans’ beef with livestock: a warmer planet By Brad Knickerbocker
]Scientist Alleging Bush Censorship Helped Gore, Kerry By Marc Morano
[]Spokesman for U.S. senator says global warming skeptics are ‘demonized’
]Will the sun cool us? LAWRENCE SOLOMON
[]No change in political climate By Ellen Goodman
]Global-warming skeptics cite being ‘treated like a pariah’ By Eric Pfeiffer
[]Global warming debate spurs Ore. title tiff VINCE PATTON
]Bad Research, Worse Reporting on Global Warming By Dennis Byrne
[]Inconvenient Kyoto Truths George F. Will
]Global Warming Skeptics Shunned By Fred Lucas
[]Global Warming: Just Another Liberal Orthodoxy Chris Adamo
]Cleveland’s weather wizards downplay global warming Michael Scott
[]Antarctic temperatures disagree with climate model predictions
]The “carbon sink” and global warming James Lewis
[]More Hot Air on Global Warming By Roger Aronoff
]Flights of Fancy by Gregg Easterbrook
[]Hollywood Golightly An interview with Hollywood eco-crusader Laurie David By Amanda Griscom
]Who is Laurie David
[]Can’t stand the heat? Laurie David wants you Ray Richmond
]Why is global warming a forbidden topic for most TV weather reporters? Climate change is “controversial” and bad for ratings. By Linda Baker
[]Kyoto is pointless, say 60 leading scientists By Philip Sherwell
]What about the left-wingers who put politics over science? Jay Ambrose
[]Experts question theory on global warming Anil Anand
]The Executive Ranch The scoop on Bush’s Texas getaway By Umbra Fisk
[]Prairie Chapel Ranch From Wikipedia
]Mars Melt Hints at Solar, Not Human, Cause for Warming, Scientist Says
[]Statistics needed – The Deniers Part I
]Warming is real – and has benefits – The Deniers Part II
[]The hurricane expert who stood up to UN junk science – The Deniers Part III
]Polar scientists on thin ice – The Deniers Part IV
[]The original denier: into the cold – The Deniers Part V
]The sun moves climate change – The Deniers Part VI


Here’s even more to keep you busy…
Caught Editing Story To Appease Global Warming Lobbyist
]The BBC
Changes News to Accommodate Activist
science isn’t about consensus
cool on warming
[]Huge Dakota Oil
Pool Could Change Energy Climate Debate By Dennis Avery
]BBC heats
up the climate news Special to the Financial Post
Sun’s shift could mean global chill ‘Warming’ fits 30-year cycles, geologist
Admits Financial ‘Stake’ In Advancing Global Warming Hysteria
[]Revisiting the
global warming-hurricane link
Won’t Ask Wealthy Hollywoodans to Alter Lifestyle to Save Planet
to ruin the fun, but an ice age cometh Phil Chapman
Used Fictional Video to Illustrate ‘Inconvenient Truth’
[]Jeb Bush Skeptical
About Global Warming
founder now backs nuclear power
E. Williams: Environmentalists’ wild predictions
Agenda: ‘Day The Earth Stood Still’ Remake Is All About Global Warming!
Confirms Natural Climate Shift Marc Sheppard
Wild Predictions
Post Enlists Kids in Fight for Polar Bears Lacking key facts, Post asks young
readers to decide if polar bears ‘deserve’ to be listed as endangered. By
Genevieve Ebel
Financially Invested in Climate Cause By Fred Lucas
warming may ‘stop’, scientists predict
hippy-crites! When it comes to saving the planet do celebrities practise what
they preach?
[]Cold Water
Thrown on Antarctic Global-Warming Predictions
says global warming not worsening hurricanes
[]Global warming
hysteria challenged Book reveals how controversial the science is on climate
Finds His Crisis in Global Warming By John Stossel
Distorts Global Warming Science By Jerome J. Schmitt
]Myth of human
CO2 causing warming or climate change The Unholy Alliance that manufactured
Global Warming By Dr. Tim Ball
31,000 U.S. scientists deny man-made global warming By Dennis T. Avery
Global Warming Alarmists, Hurricane Forecasters Now Deliberately Vague By P.J.
warming: Upon further review it looks like a hoax
F. Gay Global Warming: Has Anyone Noticed that it’s Over?
end of the fake consensus on global warming Mark Milke
House issues climate report 4 years late
cold water on climate report
concern ripped as ‘religion’ Czech leader condemns it David R. Sands
[]Water Vapor
Rules the Greenhouse System
Whining vs. the Truth By Brian Sussman
Invests In Carbon Credit Company, Will Media Care?
Rohrabacher’s Floor Speech on Global Warming Washington, May 14
Warming ‘Alarmism’ Is Hurting New Jersey Economy, Say Conservatives By Kevin
]Environmental Effects of
Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Arthur B. Robinson, Noah E. Robinson, and
Willie Soon Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine
Physical Society Sponsors Debate On Validity Of Global Warming Science
were saying something about a Global Warming Consensus?
[]Former Global
Warming Alarmist Deals Blow to Greenhouse Gas Theory
of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation from its warm mode to cool mode assures
global cooling for the next three decades. Don J. Easterbrook, Dept. of Geology,
Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA
smoking hot spot David Evans
luck, not global warming to blame By O’Ryan Johnson
Stop Blaming Everything on Global Warming! By Noel Sheppard
Global Warming Myth Explodes
ice refuses to melt as ordered
has had fewest 90-degree days since 1930
global warming scare may have peaked Thomas Lifson
still heating up on global warming Disagreement lies over heat trend, sun’s
influence, lessons from past by Faye Flam
warming scares: It’s getting cooler
[]Latest science
debunks Hurricanes and Global Warming Link
Makes History: First Spotless Month in a Century
Find: Global Warming Thousands of Years Ago
Winds Cooling Warmist Doomsaying Timothy Birdnow
warming has paused We still need to study nature’s contribution to trend
Syun-Ichi Akasofu
global warming “is just propaganda” by Nigel Calder.
Gunter: Thirty years of warmer temperatures go poof
Variations in Solar Activity and their Apparent Effect on the Earth’s Climate
scientists baffled by global warming theory, contradicts scientific data
RIP Michael Crichton 1942 - 2008 -
Cause Global Warming: California Institute of Technology Pasadena, CA January
17, 2003
spell end of climate myth The Dominion Post
warning: We are actually heading towards a new Ice Age, claim scientists
world has never seen such freezing heat By Christopher Booker
Has Cooled Since Bush Took Office’ – Scientists Continue Dissenting – Gore
Admits ‘I’ve failed badly’ - Global Sea Ice GROWS! Part 1
TWO: ‘Planet Has Cooled Since Bush Took Office’ – Scientists Continue Dissenting
– Gore Admits ‘I’ve failed badly’ - Global Sea Ice GROWS!
Global Warming Goons Want Your Little Ones by Doug Giles
Data shows ‘Warming has Stopped!’ – Climate Fears Called ‘Hogwash’ – ‘Global
Carbon Tax’ Urged Aussie Scientist Says ‘No relationship between CO2 and
study suggests future climate change models should be revised By Krishna
TV meteorologists disagree with prevailing attitude about climate change
Blowback: More Than 650 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global
Warming Claims
Global Warming Conference Criticize Al Gore Community Of 650 Scientists
Challenge The UN and Gore
]AP Jumps the Shark Over
Global Warming
hysteria intensifies as temperatures plunge (updated) Thomas Lifson
‘Global Warming Is Accelerating. Time Is Close to Running Out’ By Noel Sheppard
the global warming fraud Thomas Lifson
the Global Warming Fraud (continued) Thomas Lifson
Hockey Climate Scientology: “Getting Rid” of the Medieval Warming Period
Another Grim Year for the Global Warmers By Michael R. Fox Ph.D.
new figurehead believes climate change is a myth
Ice Ends Year at Same Level as 1979 Michael Asher
Warming is Really Global Cooling by Christopher Monckton
earth’s magnetic field impacts climate: Danish study
Hansen’s Former NASA Supervisor Declares Himself a Skeptic Says Hansen
‘Embarrassed NASA’ & ‘Was Never Muzzled’ Gore Faces More Scientific Blowback
Channel Founder Blasts Gore Over Global Warming Campaign
Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming Scam By John Coleman
]Former astronaut
speaks out on global warming
astronaut Harrison Schmitt calls global warming a ‘political tool’
]War Over
The Climate Heats Up Even As Climate Itself Cools Down By S. FRED SINGER
[]Arctic Ice
Extent Understated Because of “Sensor Drift”
Pulls Slide of Disaster Trends By Andrew C. Revkin
Warming: On Hold? Michael Reilly, Discovery News
NASA’s Hansen Finally Lost His Mind? By Marc Sheppard
Study Could Realign Climate Change Theory
warming? More doubts


…whew, that was a lot of work.


Nice save there WIJG! Quite a nice archive to draw on.


I wonder how the question about global warming can be a question between left and right?

In my country one political party is denying global warming. Yes it is a right wing party, but three out of four right wing parties in parliment follows the scientist majority and denies not. This is in a country where we make good money on the increasing demand for our oil.


I’m with FC on this . . . undecided as of now.

Meteorology is NOT a linear science. IOW, models of the weather cannot follow simple linear equations to predict weather. That’s why weather prediction is notoriously unreliable. Weather follows a complex set of variables, and lends itself more to chaos theory (non-linear) than linear theory.

That’s about all I know . . . which is enough to tell me that I don’t know very much.

Each side of the global warming controversy has it’s “facts”. Which ones you believe (I don’t buy into any . . . yet) is probably more a function of political views than anything else. To go with the majority opinion (whatever THAT is) is not necessarily the solution . . . after all, at one time the majority of scientists claimed the earth was flat. So “majority” doesn’t do much for me.

A lot of the models that scientists use, on both sides, are linear. Right off the bat that tells me that those models are NOT appropriate for weather prediction. And for those that use non-linear chaos theory models to predict weather behavior . . . well, chaos theory is still an infant science, so those predictions are dubious at best.

Bottom line, I’m withholding judgment until models are more refined. When will that be? I have NO idea.


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However I do think global warming isn’t any more real than global cooling, it was complained about by liberals LONG before global warming.


Removed out of respect.


Removed out of respect.


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With respect I am removing my replies to her…RIP