A Victory for Human Rights!


I’m really excited about this. Although I though they should go farther this is certainly a step in the right direction. Someday the American Genocide against their own children will end as the American people will see that life beats choice. The governor tried to veto the bill but his veto was overridden!

From Yahoo:

Arkansas bans most abortions after 20 weeks pregnancy - Yahoo! News

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (Reuters) - Arkansas joined seven other U.S. states on Thursday in banning most abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy as the Republican-controlled state Senate voted to override a veto of the legislation by Democratic Governor Mike Beebe.
Senators voted 19 to 14 on party lines to override Beebe’s veto, following a 53 to 28 vote by the Republican-controlled state House on Wednesday. In Arkansas, lawmakers can override a veto by a simple majority vote.
The law provides exceptions only in cases of rape, incest or to save a mother’s life. It does not include an exemption for any lethal fetal disorders.
Republican state Representative Andy Mayberry, the primary sponsor, said he believes the law, which was modeled after a 20-week ban in Nebraska, is constitutional.
Rita Sklar, director of the ACLU of Arkansas, said the bill was unconstitutional.
“The Supreme Court has upheld voluntary abortions up to the point of viability - 20 weeks is pre-viability,” Sklar said.
Beebe had said he vetoed the 20-week ban because he believed it contradicted the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe versus Wade decision that legalized abortion, and it would be costly to defend the law from legal challenges.
“We made the best case we could in our veto letter and explained the legal problems with the law and what that could cost our people,” Beebe’s spokesman, Matt DeCample, said. "The final say, however, remains with the legislature."
Late-term abortions remain relatively rare. Most of the recent state laws banning most abortions after 20 weeks are based on controversial medical research suggesting that a fetus feels pain starting at 20 weeks of gestation.
Arkansas senators also voted 26 to 8 on Thursday to approve a ban on most abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected by a standard ultrasound, or about 12 weeks of pregnancy.
The bill, which now goes to Beebe, includes exceptions for rape, incest, the life of the mother and fetal conditions. Doctors who violate the prohibition would have their licenses revoked by the state Medical Board.
The chief executive of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, Jill June, said the so-called “heartbeat” bill would be the most stringent restriction on abortion in the country.
“It’s disheartening that our lawmakers are knowingly passing an unconstitutional abortion ban for the sake of politics,” June said of the Senate’s votes on Thursday.
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If this 20 week ban doesnt work out they should go the Mississippi route


What exactly is the Mississippi route?


They made a bunch of regulations on abortion clinics so that they are just so unprofitable that they arent able to stay open. They only have one left in the entire state and it has a hearing to get its license revoked in April.


That will work too.


That would work

I am looking forward to the court cases, because we are about to establish a wave of jurisprudence that will inform the ways in which a legal, Constitutionally-required right can be the subject of “reasonable” (Constitutionally permissable) regulation. Watch the principles established by these cases - they will have an impact in other contexts, including most significantly IMO the regulation of firearms.

Regarding the cheering of laws so stringent that they may be held unConstitutional: be careful what you wish for. Bad cases make bad law. If a bunch of annoying and intrusive regulations can be deliberately, and Constitutionally, enacted for the public purpose of driving abortion providers out of business, then there is little to stop a state from similarly passing laws to drive gun manufacturers out of business.

Be very careful what you wish for.


Again as I pointed out in the other thread there is no such thing as “the right to abortion” it falls under the implicit right to privacy which is a world of difference from the explicit right to bear arms


Oh I thought gay marriage got legalized.



That’s called beating the leftwing baby killers at their own game.


I use “right to abortion” rather than “pro-choice” - the former is precise and the latter is squishy. I understand that the right to abortion, derived as you suggest from the natural right of privacy and self-determination, was enunciated by a court. But it is just as “explicit” a right as any other, and the right is, like the gun right, subject to a lot of opposition that manifests itself in legislatures passing laws to chip away at it.

Like I said, be careful what you wish for.


Not only that, but the right to bear arms is in the constitution–the right to kill unborn babies is not.


“Right to abortion” is imprecise. If you really want to call it what it is, let’s not dance around the issue: PRO-ABORTION, PRO-DEATH. This business of “pro-choice” is a smokescreen and always has been. There’s no CHOICE in abortion, and especially for those who advocate for abortion “rights”. It’s a big lie, always has been, always will be.


Here is the reality of abortion on demand and how it affects women:

Feminists For Life of America

There’s more–much more. Patricia Heaton (from “Everyone Loves Raymond”) was the Feminists for Life president for a number of years. This group, unfortunately, is not well known, but should be.

Here’s more: (pdf file) http://www.womendeservebetter.com/taf/2005/PWA2005.pdf This is pro-women answering questions from pro-choice women.


This will all get sorted out by the Court eventually and after millions of $$ in charges to Arkansas taxpayers… but they elected the legislators and presumably support this super-majority decision even though it goes explicitly against prior Court rulings.
This will take a while to reach the Court so presumably the sponsors think it is worth the $$ to gain the time. Of course, if in the meantime, Obama gets to appoint another lib to the Court…this strategy may backfire into an explicit expansion of just WHEN abortion shall be legal that won’t be pleasing.
In the meantime…not much to discuss but the fact is that the 2% of Alabamas abortions that occur after the 20th week will be illegal for a while in Arkansas

It should be noted that CURRENTLY the similar Arizona Law is being challenged in Federal Court (Isaacson v. Horne…9th Circuit) and the COURT has already issued an injunction banning enforcement of the law while the case is pending. This is an early indication of how the ruling will go. Should it then escalate to the Supremes…the Arkansas law won’t have much time in force.


What exactly does an Arkansas law have to do with Alabama?


At what age does the baby get rights?




Are we talking 1st amendment rights or 2nd? :wave: The right to be carried to term is the only right a fetus gets as far as I know.
Presently this right kicks in at 24 weeks of gestation (where science says the fetus can feel pain), except in circumstances where the life of the mother is in jeopardy…then it is up to actual birth.
Note…I am merely responding to your question with the law as it stands and WILL stand without either a new more conservative Court (fat chance…as I said on multiple occasions…re-electing Obama would doom Social Cons to at least another 20 years of Roe v. Wade)…OR a Constitutional amendment.
We’ve had multiple threads devolve into the never ending battles between “choice” & “life” and I don’t intend to involve myself in another. Just stating the law in response to what I assume was a serious question.


In the eyes of the pro-aborts, there is no baby–and even if they do admit that there is human being growing in the womb, it then becomes a question of when does it become a “person” which is, of course, nonsense. The answer to your question is: never.