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For you libs who say that google has no bias. I know nobody has the attention span or the desire to find out the truth, but here it is.

Yes, google is opinion driven. Its algorithms are not unbiased and definitely not neutral. This is THE reason our young people are stupid. This is THE reason we have a vegetable for POTUS.

Anything that involves information will have bias. All data sets have bias. All people have bias. Social media uses dopamine driven feedback loops, and profits off of dividing societies. Tribalism works well for marketing.

It would be hard to close pandoras box. You’d have to force data companies to break the echo boxes and sell ideas outside of tribes. The corporations want a 50/50 divide. I try to break the echo box I’ll read things here. I go out of my way to get 1/3 of my news from a known conservative source like Forigenpolicy.com or Townhall. Like it or not the three big media companies are middle ground NBC CBS and ABC news. Now MSNBC is the mouth-peace of the Democratic party. CNN used to be centrist but in the area of Trump they are acting like an anti-trump tabloid. Fox is the mouth-peace of the GOP.

Now what kills me is the right has to have it’s own echo box social media like Gab, Parler, and alternative video platforms like Bitchute & Rumble. If youtube takes something down I put it on Viemo.

The left doesn’t really feel the need to make huge platforms to cater to themselves. I look down on liberals who watch MSNBC or exclusively read huffpost. I think its important to critical thinking to see multiple points of view.

Now things that run into reality-distortion not just partisan distortion, but actual reality distortion. Chemtrails, Qanon, Antivaxxers, Flat Earters, End Times Only Podcasts, Pro-Nazi stuff. Things outside of mainstream conservatism, but somehow latch on to it.

In the 90s I don’t know how many will be able to recall many on the left were obsessed with X-files, Aliens, Marijuana legalization, environmental liberation, yoga, whole grains, health food, Mk-Ultra.

Infact there were rags that catered just to that like Vice Magazine. Now it’s crazy to see Vice Media as one of the most influential least partisan news casters. They just go on set and film, don’t even ask questions to drive a narrative they let what they film speak for itself.

The left doesn’t need to make social platforms for itself because they’re already there dude

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Not really all my super religious aunts spam right wing memes all day. Youtube is a google product, and they are way too PC. Outside of that I really don’t understand this internet apartheid.

“The left doesn’t need to make huge platforms to cater to themselves.”

Do you watch nothing on TV, @Unitedwestand? Here’s list to get you started.

  • Every news cast from ABC, CBS and NBC
  • “The View” starting prominent “middle of the roaders,” Whoppie Goldberg and Joy Bayheart.
  • All of the content presented by CNN
  • All of the content on MSNBC
  • The late night “comedy shows" headed by that unbiased, laugh a minute guy, Steven Colbert.
  • Mainstream Hollywood has lots of great things to say about conservatives.

I suppose you might call those sources “small platforms,” but they look pretty big to me.

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And many right-wing memes- and news articles- get blocked or “fact”- checked (including jokes and satire). How much does that happen with left-wing stuff?

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It’s bizarre how the left can’t even see anything that they do, or the advantage they have.

I was in facebook jail for three days for saying I grew up white trash. I don’t post politics on FB for obvious reasons. I’ve seen a few posts I was following disappear, I’ve seen YouTube videos I watch disappear. It’s a lot more common on youtube. One of the topics on the left that gets censored a lot is wealth inequality. They don’t give reasons it just disappears not like you guys get where it shows this is hidden see anyway. There is no see anyway on our side. When its gone its gone. Anything with Snowden or Julian Assange is quick to get banhammered. Anything to do with Occupy or Anonymous disappears quick.

@Unitedwestand has posted here that he likes mussel cars with peppy V-6 engines that are something better than basic transportation. Yet the Fascist Democrat Party is doing all it can to make fueling those cars unaffordable. They want to close down the Michigan Pipeline which will drive energy prices even higher and place the environment at greater risk. Under the Biden plan petroleum will have to be transported by rail car which places more carbon into the atmosphere and increases the possibility of an accident.

I drive a 2016 Cadillac CT-6. Yes, it’s big car with lots of bells and whistles. It has many safety features which are great for an old guy like me.

Cadillac was not offering the small V-8 when I bought the car so I got the 3.0 V-6 with twin turbo chargers. It is supposed to generate a little over 400 horsepower. The car has to have premium fuel, which now costs over $4 a gallon. I don’t drive that much since the pandemic. I only have about 37,500 miles on the car. On an interest highway, driving 70 miles an hour, I can get 30 miles to the gallon.

My point is the cars that you and I want are not acceptable to the leaders of your party. Many of them have not driven a car in years. Yet, they think they are entitled to dictate to us what we should have. Your taste of sports cars is unacceptable to them.

Wouldn’t you like to live in a world where you have some choices? That’s the word they will allow you to have. They will run your life, and when they get done, you won’t be allowed to comment or vote them out of office. You will be their slave to do their bidding, living the life that they find acceptable for you.

You Rock!

Sweet I adore that car, but the ones on the market used always have issues.

It annoys me they are going electric ok. I’m going to be a heretic for this because I am an ecology minded person. Lithium is really bad for landfills, it takes a lot to mine, it takes a lot to transport, and it’s primarily done in Africa with Chinese influence. Also the grid is still too dependent on Coal for the actual carbon offset to occur. Coal is the killer number one, that and methane. Also we have in-laws we see regularly 2 hours away (100 miles)… a car would have to be recharged for the way back. Also the batteries degrade over time ever owned a smart phone? If it ever came down to a democrat wanting to ban petrol cars, and their opponent. I’d hand downs vote for the opponent with extreme prejudice. My wife would be right there with me I just joked about it with her. She’s like yeah that’s my breaking point.

The only issue I had with car was that was not a smooth as a luxury automobile should. The super charged Buicks I had were not super smooth either. My service guy suggested replacing the automatic transmission fluid with the synthetic oil that Cadillac uses in the Escalade. That made a big difference.

So far was others think of the car, I have never heard so many positive responses on a car. Unfortunately Cadillac dropped the model because of slow sales. It would helped if they are advertised it, but that was too obvious. A Jaguar with the same features had sticker price that was $20,000 more.

Oh, we’re completely aware how biased reality is towards us. Don’t worry - we know that.

Yes, Hitler figured history was on his side too.