A young Democrat claims that His party has ALWAYS been “progressive” … NOT

A few years ago, a young Democrat posted on a blog, that I belonged to at the time, called me a racist and “fascist pig” because I said that I was a Republican. Furthermore, he stated that his Democratic Party had always been against racism and had always stood for progressive policies.

Quite obviously this young Dem was parroting attitudes from his modern public school history indoctrination classes because as a dealer, student and collector of political buttons and metallic tokens, refuting that claim is quite easy. (Sorry I can’t seem to post the full ribbon.)

One more try on the Fremont portion of the ribbon.

Here is a campaign ribbon that was issued on behalf of James Buchanan when he ran successfully for president in 1856. It tells that “Old Buck is coming,” and then refers to John C. Fremont who was his Republican opponent. The slogans are, “Fremont, free N-words, off to the Rocky Mountains.” The last phrase refers to Fremont’s career as an explorer and his status as one of the first senators from California.

That does not sound very “progressive” to me.

Here is exhibit two. This medalet was issued on behalf of Democrat, Horatio Seymour, when he ran for president in 1868. The reverse of this pieces reads, “White men to govern, the restoration of constitutional liberty.” Once more, I don’t think that presents a progressive message, but what do I know? I am only a Republican.

Here’s another example of some “non progressive” Democratic positions. This token was issued during the George McClellan’s presidential run in 1864.

The slogan at the top of the reverse, “The Constitution as it is,” comes from a longer Democrat rallying cry, "The Union as it was; the Constitution as it is. The gist was the Democrats were calling for the re-unification of the country at the end of the Civil War, with slavery still in place. They were opposed to the passage of the 13 Amendment.

It’s hard to believe that after the country had just gotten done with fighting the Civil War for four years, that the Democrats opposed ended slavery, which had been the root cause of it.