ABC News reeling after anti-Trump 'practice' headline creates humiliating error


So it could have been anybody at ABC.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This happens periodically when a “joke” headline never intended to be broadcast accidentally makes it onto the air. However, it’s always a malicious joke about republicans or conservatives, never the left. Not a single time.


No surprise.

The question I have is why does anybody watch these idiots when it’s clear their credibility is in the toilet?


What credibility is that?:thinking:


You know, I could no longer tell you the name of any current broadcast news personality on any network. I get my news online. I find foreign sources to be much more… dispassionate about American politics. Even when they are in opposition to the president (which is usually, I would guess),they aren’t completely unhinged about it.


Good way to put it. My compliments.