Abercrombie to close up to 50 US stores


Abercrombie to close up to 50 US stores
By Anjli Raval and Barney Jopson in New York


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Abercrombie & Fitch said it would close 40 to 50 stores in the US this year as the youth fashion retailer’s shares tumbled following weak sales in the crucial Christmas quarter.

Like-for-like sales fell 1 per cent at Abercrombie & Fitch’s US stores in the three months to February 2, extending previous declines in an intensely competitive sector where its rivals include American Eagle, Aéropostale and Forever 21.

High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email ftsales.support@ft.com to buy additional rights. Abercrombie to close up to 50 US stores - FT.com

The Ohio-based retailer, known for its thumping in-store music and scantily clad male door staff, said direct sales to US consumers, which include its ecommerce unit, rose 5 per cent, although they remain a small part of its business.

In an attempt to offset slower US growth, Abercrombie, which operates namesake stores as well as surf-themed Hollister and Abercrombie Kids, has made a big push overseas and online.

Yeppers, quite an economic recovery we’re having! I think retail in general is getting hit (e.g. Walmart and Barnes & Noble) by a number of factors, among which recent payroll tax increases and ongoing economic uncertainty are fairly large). I didn’t know Hollister is an A & F brand … surf themed? … Hollister, CA is not a coastal town or even within 15 or 20 miles’ drive to the coast. I suppose it sounds cool, and image is this industry segment. Anyway, this setback couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch, IMO.


While the economic news isn’t good, couldn’t happen to a better guy, in my book.

Back in the day, I would NOT allow my daughter to adorn their garbage.
So maybe, this is a good sign?


What? this is insane, you mean people in a recession arent going to pay $50 for the same shorts they can get at walmart for $10


According to Liberals, Walmart is evil and it is your duty to pay more at another store.


Abercrombie’s clothing isnt my style so I dont care and I dont shop at Walmart because I choose to buy American made products whenever possible. Also you get what you pay for and much of Wal-Marts low priced good are low quality products. Ive never been impressed with them. Luckily there are small family owned business around here that I can give my money too. I like to keep my money in the community.


I purchase ALL of my USA MADE, produced, labeled, canned, and shipped by USA companies from Wal-Mart. Including ammo.
I don’t know why people have such a difficult time finding those USA Made products when they’re on just about every shelf in the store.

Clothing? Aside from an occassional bathrobe, (as opposed to ladies’ nightgowns, etc.), let’s just say my tastes differ from what they have to offer, and leave it at that.

As far as A&F goes, I wouldn’t accept their trash if they handed it out for free.


Yuck. Who wants to be a human billboard for Abercrombie?


Trekky, nice to hear you have standards.
Truely, thumbs up in your general direction.


I prefer a nice polo shirt myself. In fact, Ralph Lauren has a ranch down the road from us, the Double R.L. ranch, famous for having it’s posts on the wrong side of the fence for ranching.


Meaning cattle that push against the fence boards or wire would tend to detach the fencing material from the posts rather than pushing the fencing material against the posts?

Until recently I’ve hated clothes shopping, and was limited pretty much to what I could find that fit and didn’t look awful. So my shadow hasn’t darkened the entry threshold of an A & F or Banana Republic type store. For which I’m sure my checking account has been grateful. Now, I’m still not willing to pay premium prices for trendy @#$% that would be unsuitable for my stage in life and could be laughably out of style in a month or two.




LLBean. Good quality, fair price, never goes out of style.


maybe men’s fashion is different



similar look, similar price. One is LL bean one is A&F


I pretty much live in Levis 501’s, wife beaters , vintage Hawaiian and western shirts.


Yeah exactly. The story is his wife thought it was prettier that way:

Here’s the outside of the fence at the entrance:


LL Bean shirt:

A&F shirt:


Abercrombie plasters their name on everything and turns their customers into billboards.


My Dad was a crop farmer not a livestock farmer, and I work in electronics, but that’s visually obviously dumb even to me. All high-fashion hat, no cattle (I hope!).


making a false comparison again. You purposely chose a normal LL bean shirt and matched it with an A&F graphic T-shirt

now lets look at the real LL bean comparison


look at that a LL bean “billboard” shirt


You ever been in an LL Bean store? You’d have to go hunting for that shirt. As soon as you walk into an Abercrombie and Finch, that is literally the ONLY type of shirt they have. You can’t get a shirt without a logo on it. That’s the comparison I’m making.

Inside LL Bean:

Inside A&F:

Go down to the local mall. The contrast is clear as day.


If you don’t believe me, look up A&F on Google images and count the number of billboard shirts. Now type in LL Bean shirts. I had to scroll past 393 other shirts to find one like that. I counted.