Ability to reply to thread by email, anyone interested?


One feature of this forum allows members to reply to a thread by simply emailing your reply. It does not require opening the website in your browser, and allows you to type your response in your email client.

Would anyone be interested in trying this functionality and giving me feedback? Assuming anyone would like this feature.


I’ll give it a whirl. Might be handy when replying from cell phone…


Of course, if I’m the only one interested, dont put yourself out on my account


I think it does that now, I replied to an email regarding the sites blog that I got from WIJG and it posted in a thread? It was an email that was tagged to several members.


Oh great! PMs already have that feature, glad you’ve been able to use it. Replying to threads also have that feature but I believe I’ve got to enable it still.

Will do so, thanks both of you for the reply