Abortion Back to States

Every Judge who voted against Roe V Wade was appointed by a president who lost the popular vote. The 10th can send it back to states. The problem is only 7 states have solid majorities against Roe V Wade. I’m Using Nate Silvers Data from the UpShot @NYT. By the way the joke among liberals is the NYT is becoming so pro police that its a like the New WSJ. Honestly these people were center left living NYC and now see the crime and jump to the center. I hope understanding where the NYT is at now they will be seen as credible.

So if It reflected popular opinion you’d have it legal in 7 states. Thats where we are heading 19 states have legal marijuana 1 state legalized all drugs. You gonna have a patch work nation and hopefully that will defeat federal fascism. Hopefully the fed will become less and less relevant. I’ve been telling red state democrats this is the part you vote with your feet. Can you guys on the right do the same to blue state republicans get them to move?

I know its not right to de-federalize human rights. I know that but it dials back the concern for federal fascism which we all know about the slow moving coup. We can play the 10th really hard. Imagine Mussolini or Hitler trying to get 25 objecting cantons or providences under control before assuming power.

Anyone think this could be a road bump for big federal change in either direction? If they do this with the ACA or Gay Marriage or something really new they lose legitimacy right quick. The reason they lost legitimacy on Marijuana was the sheer numbers of disapproval.

Well mconnel wants a national ban… now is this the new marijuana federally legal but states ignoring it: https://www.rawstory.com/mcconnell-midterms/

Clarence Thomas was appointed by Bush Sr. He won the popular vote by like 7 million.

Bush Jr won the popular vote in 2004. Roberts and Alito were both appointed after that election.

Had Bush not won in 2000 he likely wouldn’t be on the ballot in 2004. It would likely be Gore V Forbes or Mccain. That being said Gore would own 9/11 and have his national security state and blah blah blah right about Clarance Thomas. Look man I’m willing to trade legalizing incest so folks like Madison Cawthorn can be happy in exchange for codifying roe and gay marriage. I mean you seen that video go Madison Cawthow Skull Banging His Cousin in the mouth? (I have no way to put that less obscene) changellege me to describe it less obscene use words for me. Katoix and ThisVid have it up.

Second point do you think the fed would lose legitimacy if McConnel passed nationwide ban Few Blue states said they will nullify like Marijuana. You play your cards to hard no one follows the law. Like if we would of forced churches to perform gay marriages that would be nullified.

If Roe vs. Wade is overturned, it will simply mean that you will have to go to certain states to kill your baby, and that you won’t have the nation-wide option. I think that it should be up to each state. “The abortion right” is not part of the Constitution and should be left to the 10th Amendment.

As many know here, I am pro-choice so long as the decision is made early in the pregnancy. I am totally opposed to those who insist that a woman must carry a child after rape or incest. I am also totally opposed to those advocate very late term abortions and killing the child after it has been born. The former Governor of Virginia disagrees with that.

Coat hangers are ineffective with modern day trade one could buy chemical abortifcents. As I have gotten a number of meds overseas for myself and others. My doctor jokes but he just rather give me the prescription within reason. As opposed to me getting something nasty overseas. I think he also realizes this could put him out of business. You can legally get ketamine online for depression there are sites that exist and take Apple Pay. Secondly vacuum tubes for the procedure are available on aliexpress. Intelligent people will never be made to Follow this only the poor and dumb think crime is bad now? As much as people like me would like to regulate space it’s not possible with technology moving at the right it was an Alaska-slim can tell you the same thing. McConnell is suggestion a national ban on abortion in 2025. Is that too far @sendgop might I get your option on Madison cawthorn?

Yes, the McConnell position is too far for me, but it won’t pass just like the Schumer bill won’t pass. If Roe v Wade is overturned, it won’t end abortion. It will only make places like California more attractive for those who want abortions.

I hope your right about it not passing secondly how is Madison Cawthorn doing these days with his cousin?