Abortion Clinic Files for Bankruptcy After Firing Employees When They Became Pregnant


Abortion Clinic Files for Bankruptcy After Firing Employees When They Became Pregnant
APR 22, 2016 | 12:33PM

The Pilgrim Medical Center, a Montclair abortion clinic that advertises same-day, late-term abortions, recently lost a discrimination lawsuit filed by three former employees who said they were fired after becoming pregnant, according to the Wall Street Journal. Now, the abortion facility is filing for bankruptcy.

Nicholas Campanella, the abortionist who owns the facility, has a reputation among his staff for “not lik[ing] pregnant employees,” according to the lawsuit. One former employee said she was fired in February 2013 after she became pregnant; Campanella told her there was not work for her anymore, though the abortion clinic had just posted a job opening for her duties, the report states. The other two workers said they were fired after taking maternity leave.

A judge awarded them more than $1 million, but Campanella is appealing the decision, according to the report. Because the abortion facility also is filing for bankruptcy, the former employees cannot collect the monetary damages, the report states.

The legal proceedings have not stopped the abortion facility’s deadly operations either. …

In the bankruptcy documents, Campanella touted his abortion clinic’s strong reputation for safety and care; but past inspection reports from the state show otherwise. A 2011 Montclair Times article reported state inspectors found two “immediate jeopardy” issues at Pilgrim that were “serious enough that they posed or could pose a risk for harm” to patients.

The state found the abortion facility was reusing the same needle to withdraw medication for multiple patients, not cleaning up blood properly, and failing to keep emergency medical supplies in stock. State investigators also found that a patient’s chest was not hooked up to an EKG monitor, but an EKG status was written on the person’s medical record, according to the report. During the inspection, one employee did not even know where the EKG monitor was, the report states.

Seriously, how could more be said? The abortionist who claims to serve women’s interests broke anti-discrimination laws. The abortionist who claims to serve women’s interests endangered his patients through hazardous practices, not stocking emergency supplies, not using vital equipment, falsifying medical records, and not properly training staff.


I suppose he didn’t like pregnant workers, because they were an advertisement for alternatives to abortion.

The left likes to throw around the term “anti-choice.” Rhetorical question: How can they legitimately claim to be objective in their labelling when cases like this make it abundantly clear that all too often, the label that fits their own side is “anti-LIFE?”


Virginia Suspends Abortion Clinic’s License After 52-Page Report Reveals Numerous Violations
April 28, 2016|4:15 pm

> A Virginia abortion clinic has had its license suspended after an inspection found 26 violations using dirty equipment on women (patient after patient), workers not changing blood-stained scrubs between operations, and not changing scrubs after plunging a clogged toilet.
> Earlier this month, the Virginia Health Group of Fairfax had its license suspended when an unannounced state inspection found several code violations in its facility.
> …
> Investigators also found toilets that frequently stopped up, poorly repaired doors, and equipment that lacked proper testing of its safety.
> “The vacuum suction machine used for the surgical procedures contained a sticker which documented no preventative maintenance check since 2012,” continued the report.
> “The survey team also observed that there was no call system located in the patient bathroom which could be used in the event a patient required assistance.”
> …
> “Staff #1’s gloves were observed to be visibly soiled with blood. After the procedure, Staff #1 removed his/her gloves and used hand sanitizer. The surveyor did not observe Staff #1 wash his/her hands with soap and water after exiting the procedure room,” added the report.
> “The surveyor noted that the rolling exam light which was touched by Staff #6 while wearing contaminated gloves during the procedure was not cleaned, the ultrasound machine sitting in the room beside the patient was not cleaned, neither the can of Hurricane numbing spray nor the bottle of Monesl’s solution were wiped off after having been used, and only the top of the vacuum suction machine was cleaned.”
> In another incident, a staff plunged a toilet and did not change their scrubs before observing a procedure.
> Virginia Health Group’s license suspension comes several months after Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s administration attempted to gut some abortion clinic regulations.

Amazing what is found if an abortuary doesn’t have a warning that allows it to hide their real operating conditions and procedures! The cleanliness problems are self-explanatory. The lack of maintenance in the medical equipment may be less so.

Medical equipment must meet special standards that mandate a very low leakage current through the ground (the “third” prong in the plug). The purpose is to avoid shocking or killing patients. Electrical insulators and electronic parts can deteriorate with time and use, so the leakage current must be checked periodially. So, with no testing in four years, that equipment might be perfectly safe or it might be a shock hazard, but the abortuary is putting its patients at risk by not doing the necessary preventive maintenance.

Crap like this illustrates the need for the basic safety laws PP and other abortuaries are fighting tooth-and-nail. It’s a profitable industry, and many of its operators’ cupidity lead them to risk patients’ health and lives by cutting corners. It’s shameful that many pols resist applying existing common sense safety standards that other surgery centers meet to abortuaries. And it’s shameful that some regulocrats - such as those who didn’t learn of Kermit Gosnell’s charnel house until it was exposed by accident - turn a blind eye to the abuses too common in the abortion industry.

FC, when I use the term “Pro-Abortion” it’s responsive to the MSM’s partisan usage of “anti-abortion” when speaking of Pro-Life people, while using the euphemism, “Pro-Choice”.


I consider “pro abortion” and “anti abortion” to be reasonably good unbiased clinical terms suitable for description of the two camps in the news. And of course, the MSM tries to slip the “anti choice” and “anti woman” jokers into the deck when they think they can get away with it.


I prefer the terms “Unborn Genocidalist” and “Oppressive Womb Nazi”


Most people don’t like abortion, and they really don’t like late-term abortion. But they happen to also not like government forcing women to remain pregnant. Hence the term"pro-choice"- the CHOICE to carry a fetus to term belongs to the woman, not the state.


However, it is, DHL, the proper role of the state to forbid taking the life of an innocent human being. That is why Pro-Life people call themselves “Pro-Life”.


Yes, I have no problem with either label. They’re both accurate. “Pro-abortion” isn’t an accurate label, though. Personally, I don’t like abortion. I don’t think a fetus is a person, but it is a potential person, and I don’t like snuffing out potential lives. Weighed against that are the woman’s rights of privacy and self-determination. I think they trump the fetus’s rights, but it’s not like I (or anyone I know) celebrate whenever an abortion occurs.


You made two concurring claims: one of the fetus not being a person, the other of the fetus not being life.

While the left tries to make the “person” side of it subjective, there is, however, no question of a “life” being here.

Within the first 5 weeks, the child has separate DNA, a heart beat, and the early stages of a sensory system. When an abortion occurs, the heart stops, and the sensory system is destroyed; along with everything else.

A life both existed, and was snuffed out. Whatever your opinion on the issue, that fact isn’t subjective.


Of course, that’s also true of sperm. Every single sperm is alive. So too is every unfertilized egg. The definition of life, is active cells, which exist before fertilization.


Refining your comment a bit, when the egg and sperm join the resulting embryo has a complete unique living human chromosome set: human (not anything else); complete (unlike the chromosome set in an egg or sperm); unique (not part an organ of the mother like an appendix); living (at the start of a maturing process that, if not interrupted by disease, accident, or violence is continuous through old age; the “personhood” argument is a disingenuous word game that, when accepted, opens a 55-gallon drum of worms). Further, that the embryo is all that is a set of facts that are observable. The “personhood” argument is arbitrary and the ones making the “personhood” argument cannot prove they are a person without resorting to similarly arbitrary definitions.

DHL and CW resorted to word games and hair-splitting to claim an embryo is not human. There are Pro-Abortion people who are more honest with themselves and admit that abortion kills a human life. These resort to the sort of value-of-a-life or “greater good” arguments (I think “Social Darwinism” is still largely dead) that have horrific histories. The “personhood” argument is a bridge to and potential enabler of such horrors.


It’s anti-choice to the fetus.


I actually don’t really care about abortion one way or the other. You can legally define it as murder for all I care. I’m simply pointing out that while it is true that an embryo is “life”, it was “life” beforehand.
And corpses have not only full DNA, but fully formed organs and body. And if you hook them up to enough stuff, you can get a pulse! Still not a person, because it’s dead and will never have a conscious mind again.

I define a person as someone with a mind. If you’re not aware, you’re not a person. As Descartes said “I think therefore I am”. If you can’t think(and an embryo doesn’t have a brain), then it isn’t.

And on a religious front, the concept of ensoulment at conception is brand new. Ensoulment was long believed to occur at quickening(which is late 2nd trimester). That was true for the first 1900 years of the church.

I take honest Pro-life arguments a lot more seriously. Very few will admit that ensoulment at conception is a brand new concept that contradicts the teaching of nearly two millennia in the church.

Just like they usually won’t admit that an embryo is clearly less human than a baby. This is why everyone can crack open an egg and be fine, but very few people would be okay with pinning a chicken down and hacking off its head. Early term abortions and infanticide are quite different things. You know it too, but probably won’t say so.


You’d be fooling the machine, manufacturing a false positive. Objectively, the corpse is still dead, and the Fetus is still a human quite alive.

> I define a person as someone with a mind. If you’re not aware, you’re not a person. As Descartes said “I think therefore I am”. If you can’t think(and an embryo doesn’t have a brain)

By what standard? As I said, by the 5th week, nerve centers are formed. Cranial nerves can even be visible.

By week 14, synapses are confirmed to be firing off. The baby is sucking their thumb.

By week 20, which is the current moment of contention in our laws, the baby can even be dreaming.

> And on a religious front, the concept of ensoulment at conception is brand new. Ensoulment was long believed to occur at quickening(which is late 2nd trimester). That was true for the first 1900 years of the church.

‘Do not kill a fetus by abortion, or commit infanticide’’ (Didache, 2:2)

Early Fathers like St. Augustine were uncertain about ensoulment, as they did not have the means to witness fetal development or understand when the fetus’ life became distinct from the mother.

They were not, however, ever unclear of how killing the child in the womb is evil.

Even St. Aquinas, who later tried to systematize the process with his theory of “delayed hominization”, never ceased referring to the act killing the fetus as a “sin”.

> Early term abortions and infanticide are quite different things. You know it too, but probably won’t say so.

Yet your “lack of thought” argument has been used by people to argue for killing of infants up to one year after birth.