Abortion: More horror...if that is possible.


Although I knew this was happening, it now seems that it is happening much more than we realize. This is absolutely horrific…and indefensible.

Sex-Selection in America: Part 3 - Undercover in Arizona - YouTube


I saw this coming years ago. I also pointed it out to a number of my pro-abortion acquaintances. They refused to believe that it would ever happen in America.

This is what happen when there is abortion on demand for any or no reason at all. If a woman waves her magic vagina and wants it, then poof, it is a child. If she does not want it, then poof, it a clump of unviable tissue that needs to be removed like a tumor or hangnail. If she is manic-depressive then this could happen several times a day.


The other horror to this is that the father (either married or not) has absolutely no say-so in what happens to his child. If the mother decides to kill the baby, then daddy just has to sit back and watch his child be murdered. Nice, huh? What’s next? I shudder to think…


Before checking out the video I was wondering, “Was this produced by Lila Rose’s group, Live Action?” I was right. The thing that should scare Pro-Abortion folk most about Live Action is not their effectiveness in capturing PP workers speaking honest truths PP would prefer the public not know - bad enough from PP’s POV (and probably earning Miss Rose a prominent place on some abortuaries’ dartboards) - but the youth of Live Action’s members (Miss Rose is in her mid 20s, and many/most Lave Action members are her age or a bit younger) and that many of them are women. By virtue of existing, Live Action contradicts the Pro-Abortion narrative that Pro-Life people are a bunch of old men trying to suppress women.

That abortion would be used to kill off girls in cultures that do not value women as highly as men (China is a double whammy, not valuing women plus having their infamous One Child policy) should have been obvious, not that I was that prescient. Once I heard of it (late 70s? early 80s?), I did know it would come here to the US through some immigrants’ cultures. And of course, PP (and other abortuaries) is only too willing to be blinded to people’s motives by the several hundred $$ they get for each abortion.


Horrible and Not surprizing. Abortion supporters can rationalize this all that they want. This is the reality of abortion and the EVIL people that kill babies for a living.


Pete: Yes. Pro-aborts want to perpetuate the myth that WOMYN have a “right” to “reproductive rights” but will not acknowledge the fact that WOMYN allow men to use them for a semen depository. Then, the confused WOMYN look around blinking once they find out they’re pregnant and SURPRISE!! the guy has moved on to greener pastures. STUPID!!! And these are supposed to be creatures of higher intelligence and ability than men. Right… And, most WOMYN have been so conditioned now into believing that by allowing themselves to be used sexually with multiple partners that this is somehow socially acceptable now. DUH!! I love watching Judge Judy. Everyday on her show there are at least 2-3 couples who come in suing each other because when they lived together, someone didn’t pay their fair share–usually the men. DUH!!! These idiotic womyn come marching through her courtroom whining about how they got taken advantage of, and Judge Judy blasts them for it everytime. It’s quite a wonderful thing to watch, really. Of course, she also tongue lashes the lazy bums, too. It’s a wonderful thing! We have nurtured this instant gratification attitude for so many decades now that there is almost no reversing it. And, the real horror of it is that the attitude that “I will make another human being pay for my stupid mistakes” is so prevalent today that it is going to destroy our nation.


My daughter participated for some time in picketing at a local PP - always peacefully, complying with the law, etc… I used to joke with her after each picket, asking what the “finger count” was for the day. What was interesting was the the givers of “digital salutes” were usually males. I guess they found those young people picketing PP a threat to their casual responsibility-free pleasure.

Mrs. S in CA loves the court shows. I often find them depressing … the utter moronicity many litigants display when confronted with the concept of personal responsibility … or when their sense of entitlement is frustrated.


I hope you guys know that Judge Judy is fake. It is not a court, it is arbitration. Even as arbitration it is questionable. The cases are real but the “judgments” are all paid by the production company. Both sides are paid an appearance fee whether they win or lose. It is all show, literally.


PeteS: Yes, I’ve had similar experiences with peaceful protests at abortion mills. I brought my 7th and 8th grade students (with parental participation & permission) to pray the rosary in front of a PP abortion mill on Jan. 23rd (anniversary of roe v. wade). The kids wanted to do this. (They wanted to do something to actively oppose abortion.) They even witnessed a few couples going into the mill. We were peaceful, non-confrontational, and respectful. We quietly prayed the rosary and other prayers. What was so surprising (and shocked the kids) was that it was the ADULTS coming from the mill (probably abortionists and other abortion workers going on their lunch break) who got into their cars and then shouted obscenities at us and the kids. One older man in a suit and tie rolled down his window, cursed the kids, gave them the finger, and then spat on them. Nice, huh? There wasn’t a single word uttered by the kids to this ignoramus. They said nothing and made no gestures. They seemed to know that to do so would have been inappropriate. They were amazing. One girl told me she prayed for that man and offered her suffering for those babies who would die that day. There were two other teachers, a bunch of parents, and about 40 kids there that day. We weren’t allowed too close to the building, so we stayed on this sort of cul-de-sac thing and it was icy, snowy and very cold. But, the kids loved it. We did this every Jan. 23rd for about 6 years while I was there. I believe the school still does it.

RightOnLeftCoast: Yes, I am aware. However, her rulings are legitimate and are upheld by other courts. Yes, I know that the litigants are generally not made to pay, but they also have to show proof that they are unable to pay the fines/rulings. It is still fun to watch Judge Judy rake them over the coals. Judge Judy is not a fake judge. She spent over 40 years as a family court judge in New York City. I’m sure she handled her “real” cases with equal veracity!


You can’t get the gender of the fetus until after the first trimester anyway, so banning after that would solve the problem.


They don’t have to show proof that they are unable to pay. They never pay. All judgments are paid by Big Ticket Entertainment, the production company.

The award limit on Judge Judy, as on most “syndi-court” shows (and most small claims courts in the U.S.), is $5,000. The award for each judgment is paid by the producers of the show, from a fund reserved for the purpose.

Both the plaintiff and the defendant receive $250 (U.S.) for their appearance as well as $35 a day, paid to them by the show.

Judge Judy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The judgments are a sham. Win or lose neither side pays anything out of pocket. It is pure entertainment.

Judge Judy might have been a real judge in the past but now she is raking in the dough as a fake TV judge.


I’ve known that “The People’s Court” was arbitration and that the show paid judgments (it’s a little more complicated than that, but I’m using my Nook and want to minimize typing) since it first started back in the 80s. That info was in the end credits. Judges Wapner, Milian and Sheindlen were all “real” judges with decades of experience. The laws they apply are “real” and specific to the states in which the litigants reside. A litigant gets a “real” judgment, paid with “real” money, and go home with more money than the loser by a difference of 2X the judgment. They are shows, but with a great deal about them that is “real”, and nothing is truly fake.


I can’t speak about The People’s Court. You are correct that the money is real. Judge Sheindlen is a real retired judge. She is not licensed to practice law in California where her show is recorded. She is not required to apply the laws of the state that the litigants reside. In fact, she is not required to apply any laws at all in her rulings.

Judge Judy, a Real Court? | Consumer News, Scam Alerts, Investigations | troubleshooterjudd.com


If anyone ever gets a FedEx package from the Judge Judy Show, burn it. It is not anything close to a real court. You will not have a fair hearing. You will only be there for the entertainment value of your case and that is all.


Back to the topic: Here is another “not so shocking” revelation from the pro-aborts. Check it out. I have held for many years now that abortion is rarely “chosen” for “mistakes” but is used as birth control. Here is proof of that from their own crowd.
(I am not referring to Shulman’s threat on the life of Fr. Pavone, but the comment of his mother who claims that all of her abortions were “deliberate”.)

LifeSiteNews Mobile | BREAKING: 41-month sentence for ‘pro-choice terrorist’ who threatened to kill pro-life leaders


[quote=“ClassicalTeacher, post:14, topic:36401”]
Back to the topic: Here is another “not so shocking” revelation from the pro-aborts. Check it out. I have held for many years now that abortion is rarely “chosen” for “mistakes” but is used as birth control. Here is proof of that from their own crowd.
(I am not referring to Shulman’s threat on the life of Fr. Pavone, but the comment of his mother who claims that all of her abortions were “deliberate”.)

LifeSiteNews Mobile | BREAKING: 41-month sentence for ‘pro-choice terrorist’ who threatened to kill pro-life leaders
[/quote]But, those who support the brain sucking, child dismembering process, will never admit this. When I was taking my wife to therapy, I met a great many women who thought it WAS birth control. They said as much.
Now, as to the men not having a say, it is deplorable, but at the same time, many of thre men involved are the primary reason the woman seeks an abortion, in the first place. These “men” simply tell the woman that she has an abortion, or they’ll leave. I would tell them not to let the door hit em, where the good Lord split 'em, and then have the child, and soak them for support.


I agree with you completely. But, like you said, if a woman is faced with an “unplanned” pregnancy and her sperm donor tells her she either gets an abortion or he’s hittin’ the road, and she chooses the dead beat moron over her own child, then it is HER fault and HER responsibility because it was…and here’s the rub…HER CHOICE. Like you, I would NEVER choose some idiot man over my own child. And, I’d go after him tooth and nail for as much child support as I could for the rest of his natural life. But, unfortunately, there are a lot of stupid women out there. Instead of facing their “mistake” they choose to perpetrate a worse crime against an innocent, defenseless human life.

I also know of what you speak when you say that you’ve met women who believe that abortion is birth control. I don’t doubt it one bit. So much for all that sex education in public schools, right? It’s just proof in the pudding that sex education in school is a dismal failure. All it’s done is promote promiscuity.

Great comments, though, Tiny! As always, you are right on the money! :slayer:


Really bad things happen when you take God out of the equation.


[quote=“natstew, post:17, topic:36401”]
Really bad things happen when you take God out of the equation.
[/quote]That’s what I like. Simple, to the point. And most of all, Totally True.