I’ll be brief.

In my view the only time abortion is acceptable is when the mother’s life is placed in peril should she carry to term - then and only then should she have a choice. Unfortunately, there are some members of my former profession that will prostitute themselves by swearing to and signing anything placed in front of them, and performing just about any procedure - for a fee.

I think arguing against abortion from a purely religious point of view is probably a loser. Over the last several decades we have become an increasingly secular society.

That being said, with the exception noted above, it is my belief that the termination of a fetus that would otherwise be viable outside the mother’s womb is nothing less than murder. It is, in fact, a “convenience killing”, IMHO. To argue otherwise is indefensible from a scientific/biological perspective.

On 9/11/01, after the planes were used as bombs in the attack on this country, it was widely reported that people were leaping out of windows 1000 ft in the air in order to avoid the flames engulfing what had been their office space just moments before. I thought then and I have often thought since, that our leadership did Americans a tremendous disservice by refusing to show these people striking the pavement and/or the remains of these poor souls after they hit the concrete that was stretched out under them as they fell. Had Americans been allowed to graphically experience on a personal level the full measure of the horrors involved as a consequence of the attack political correctness and our widespread and continued reluctance/refusal to identify the enemy would not be the prevelant view anywhere in this country - including Washington.

In a similar vein - You want to win the abortion argument regarding eliminating fetuses that carry little, if any, real risk to the mother. Then sneak a camera inside an abortion clinic - film a near term or (especially) a late term killing - and put it up on the internet (you would NEVER get it on TV). In this case, a film is worth far more than a 1000 words. The various procedures associated with near-term/late-term abortions are hideous/barbaric. The pro-abortionists need to see what it is they so fervently support - and so does everyone else. IMHO


The part about the religious argument (depending on your exact definition) may be a loser in society, but I’ll argue that it’s a winner with God, no matter what we suffer at the hands of society. I hope I’m man enough to act accordingly (and of course I can’t know until I’m tested).