Abortionist Claims He Was 'Scapegoated' by Planned Parenthood


Abortionist Claims He Was ‘Scapegoated’ by Planned Parenthood
by Dr. Susan Berry


Abortionist Timothy Liveright, who faces having his state medical license permanently revoked by the state of Delaware, claims that he was “scapegoated” by Planned Parenthood.

Despite testimony before the state senate by two former nurses employed by Planned Parenthood regarding unsafe and unsanitary abortion clinic conditions, the Wilmington Delaware clinic has reopened after state officials accepted Planned Parenthood of Delaware’s plan to rectify 14 health and safety violations discovered in April.

Delaware officials stated that Planned Parenthood engaged in “unsafe and unsanitary practices.” In addition, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited the facility, while Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden referred to the clinic’s abortionist, Dr. Timothy Liveright, as “a clear and immediate danger to the public.”

Biden filed a complaint that charged Liveright with 10 “acts of incompetence and negligence” in his treatment of five abortion patients between February 12th and March 13th, as well as sexual harassment of female employees and “unprofessional, disrespectful, inappropriate” conduct, such as “yelling, screaming, and cursing” in the company of Planned Parenthood employees and patients.

Liveright left the Wilmington abortion clinic in April, when he reportedly surrendered his license. He still retains a valid license to practice in Pennsylvania. Delaware authorities are still seeking a permanent revocation of Liveright’s medical license.

Liveright, who said he flew his single-engine plane from his farm near Allentown, Pennsylvania to Delaware once per week to perform as many as 30 abortions per day in Wilmington and Dover, blamed Delaware Planned Parenthood for its problems with authorities. He called the organization “disorganized, in disarray,” and plagued by management, staffing, and operational difficulties.

“Planned Parenthood is partly to blame for all of this,” Liveright said. “They’ve allowed this circus to continue. It’s partly because they never listened to these women to begin with.”

Needless to say, I don’t have much sympathy for this ironically named character (whose character is …). Even in saying, “Planned Parenthood is partly to blame,” he couldn’t say, “And I share that blame.” But this has the smell of scapegoat found, cosmetic changes made (or in-progress). The state of DE has again failed even the minimal duty it acknowledges of trying to ensure the abortuary is safe for its women patients; those shielded by scapegoating have no incentive to change their ways that made the scapgoating “necessary”; the chances of this abortuary killing or maiming more women in the near future is almost a certainty.


Perhaps, if the PP abortion mills across this country begin to be reported about as these places are, people will realize that they are no better than deplorable back alley abortion mills that are used as justification for PP abortion mills and their overall legality, people will just stop using them. That alone could reduce the number of abortions.

However, don’t try to convince the proponents of baby killing and defenders of baby killers on this forum that these are not anything more than isolated cases–even though they seem to be ocurring up all over the country.


I think the current “abortuaries” are far worse than the “back alley abortion mills” we hear so much about. For instance, although they were generally not conscientious about the well-being of their patients, they didn’t pretend to be anything else. And as far as “mills” - I’m pretty certain they did not perform abortions at the rate the abortion “facilities” do today. If they tried that, they’d have been caught and shut down. What we have now are abortion mills, not the back-alley abortionist of yesteryear.


True. I agree with your clarification.