Abortionist Slit Necks of Born Babies in Front of Teenager

  • According to a Pennsylvania grand jury, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the wealthy Philadelphia abortionist now on trial for seven counts of murdering babies who had survived his late-term abortions,
    repeatedly sliced the necks of born babies in front of a teenage employee, and once told his long-time assistant (the teenager’s mother) that a writhing born baby whose neck he had just severed was like a “chicken with its head cut off.”

Abortionist Slit Necks of Born Babies in Front of Teenager; Told Assistant: ‘That’s What You Call a Chicken With Its Head Cut Off’ | CNS News

This trial is going on with little fanfare from the media who overlook the cruelty involved. The pro-death crowd who want babies dead seem to think this is fine.


This man is a monster. Someone should slit his throat like a chicken, too.




Disgusting… I can’t even get further than the title before feeling nauseous.


The linked article has a very graphic photo from evidence in the trial. Absolutely sickening. The pro-abortion crowd disgusts me.


I would say that the overwhelming majority of the “pro abortion crowd” finds this disgusting and depraved as well. Only the fringe would find this something other than murder.


Just make sure you don’t call this and those who defend legal abortion “Barbaric and bloodthirsty”, Liberals find that an inaccurate “Personal Attack”.

I guess because slicing them to death 10 seconds before they exit the birth canal is “civilized and nurturing”…Or maybe it means that a camera should just not be there…:eusa_think:

No, “Bloodthirsty and Barbaric” is about the only way to describe the baby killing advocates.


I expect I’ll be hearing some flack for this, but I completely reject everything this guy did. Running an illegal abortion clinic, performing abortions on late-term babies disregarding the fact that at this point it will live for a short time and suffer what has got to be the most horrible death imaginable, and then collecting the remains like some sort of barbarian witch doctor. Fetus feet in jars? Keeping score, scumbag? Then performing the execution of underdeveloped newborns via partial decapitation and doing it so often as to prompt the necessity to label the technique “snipping” as if your cutting hair. Unbelievable. No mercy.


Is describing a member as bloodthirsty a personal attack or not? Now stop with your excuses and debate like an adult instead of flinging mud around the forum and dirtying it up.



If a “member” is an advocate for “Bloodthirsty and Barbaric” things then that “member” has characterized themselves, they need look no further than a mirror to discover why these words describe them with accuracy.

But you are certainly free to call your advocacy an expression of being “civilized and nurturing” and see how many people will join you.


This thread has quite a few stories about horrific things brought out in testimony at the Gosnell trial. Until shamed into it - within the past few days, and just beginning (maybe!) - the national-level MSM and Prog/Lib New Media have been giving it little or no coverage. Local media - e.g. the Philadelphia Inquirer and at least some local TV stations (credit where credit is due!) - have been doing their job and letting the ideological chips fall where they may.

I expect I’ll be hearing some flack for this, but I completely reject everything this guy did. Running an illegal abortion clinic …

Actually, he was running a clinic whose existence was legal. Some of the things he did may have been illegal - the jury will have the say on that. His whole Hell-Hole operation got exposed, not by health inspectors inspecting the place, not by patients going to hospitals with life threatening complications (and at least one did die), but because the greedbag supplied local druggies with prescriptions for their drugs of choice for fun and profit and the Feds raided his place. Had the Feds not drug-raided his Hell-Hole, he might have remained unexposed until retirement (or death by natural causes), and who knows how many more women he might have maimed or killed.

I would say that the overwhelming majority of the “pro abortion crowd” finds this disgusting and depraved as well. Only the fringe would find this something other than murder.

RO has had threads about this case since 2011. IIRC, the Feds raided Gosnell’s Hell-Hole in 2010. In an incomplete survey of responses to those threads, I’ve found four Pro-Abortion people who responded … at all. You, Cam, twice (your response a year ago was much the same as the one you posted here). A member using the forum name “Liberal” and Trekky, above, much the same, a year ago. And a member who claimed - a year ago - that there wasn’t much substance to this case on which to comment. I’m not able - due to changes in that site - to link for you my contemporaneous posts made on another discussion site regarding the murder of George Tiller (for the sake of comparison), but you can search here for my references to “(George) Tiller” and “(Scott) Roeder” and get a flavor of how often and in what terms I expressed myself on RO about that event. Giving credit where some credit is due you, Liberal and Trekky, Pro-Abortion people’s muted responses (and non-responses!) here on RO to the Gosnell Horror have me wearing a roller skate on my chin.

RET (and relevant others), when Cam or another of your bete noirs post a pic of Kermit Gosnell with a halo and a caption of,“Kill! KILL! KILL!!!” (or otherwise avow delight in killing babies), calling that Pro-Abortion person “bloodthirsty” will not be an insult. More simply, if it’s your opinion of what they are, it’s potentially Warnable/Infractable; if they openly and clearly avow delight in the killing, fine.


You definitely have to tip toe around the truth to keep fromr hurting their feelings. Mangling and dismembering baboes before they are born is good thing to them. How is it any diffent right after they exit to womb. They sure to have a wristed sense of right and wrong.


You definitely have to tip toe around the truth to keep fromr hurting their feelings.

Your assumption that you were Reported for that post is wrong. Not surprisingly. How hard is it to avoid calling an RO member “bloodthirsty”? Seriously! Somehow I’ve miraculously managed to avoid it for about three years.


I don’t though, I understand that this is a privately owned site with the Right to set whatever rules they want, up to and including a rewrite of the dictionary but I have never heard the definition of “insult” that established the offended ones feelings as the ultimate criteria and I will not accept it now.

If you drive over the speed limit, you are a speeder
If you take what does not belong to you, you are a thief
If you willingly and knowingly lie, you are a liar
If you support racism, you are a racist
If you advocate for/support the destruction of innocent human life you are barbaric and bloodthirsty

The speeder, the liar, the racist, the thief and the abortion advocate might all be “offended” at those terms and all might bloviate endless justifications for their positions/ideas/actions regarding these positions but that has absolutely nothing to do with whether using these terms is an “insult” or simply the appropriate words in the English language.

If accurate terminology regarding my views offends me then I embrace offending views, I am an idiot if I think the solution to that is alternating the entire language to reverse word definitions so I can like the sound of how my views are described.

I would rather be banned for life than play that game, respect is determined by who you reveal yourself to be by your conduct and insults are things lobbed with the intent to offend while unrelated to the objective substance of a discussion.

Long after the “PC/Protect the Left at all cost” philosophy that has destroyed our education system and inspired self censorship from fear of being publicly lambasted has run its course of destruction these words will remain with their actual definitions intact, between now and that day I will bear whatever consequences I must to avoid joining the perpetrators of this assault on truth, language and liberty.


Eh, no. Speeder, thief, and liar all have objective definitions, and even they can be sticky at times. How many people have been banned or warned for calling others liars? Racist and “bloodthirsty” are subjective. You’re making up any definition you want and applying them to your insults as justification for using them in the first place, but it is still disrespectful to call other members barbaric. Don’t do it. Talk like an adult with some integrity instead of having to descend to an emotional attack or calling other members “bloodthirsty” in order to make your point.


Because, describing the reality of their appreciation for the mangling of unborn human babies with the intent to kill them in the creampuff terms that you prefer isn’t sinking into their skulls. If somone thinks that it is acceptable to do such things even though they are aware that it occurs in that manner, then what other way is their to succinctintly describe their position of acceptance for it?

I recall an old Andy Griffith show when Opie shot and killed a bird with his BB gun just simply because it was there and he could target it. It wasn’t for food or any other potentially logical reason. His father showed him the reality of the nest full of babies without a mother to care for them. He didn’t call him bloddthirsty because Opie showed true remorse for what he had done and refused to continue such behavior.

This situation is similar except, even though the abortion supporters on this site are aware of the reality of the “Procedure”, they still support it wholeheartedly and continue to claim that those who are against are unrealistic and tyrannical toward women while showing no remorse at all. As a result, they have earned such truthful descriptions. If they can’t handle the truth about themselves then I suggest that they go back to whatever Liberal echo chamber that will pat them on the back for believing such a way so that they can avoid hearing the truth about themselves as opposed to expecting the mods on this supposedly Conservative site to coddle and protect them from the big, bad Conservatives that dare to tell them the truth.

Pete, you have posted many excellent examples of such barbaric and bloodthirsty realities only for them to dismiss it as inconsequential and unimportant as compared to their beloved abortions. Many times over, they have earned the right to be described in such a manner.

On edit: I said nothing about being reported. My post has nothing to do with being reported. It was just a statement of fact.


There’s a difference between calling a situation, an idea, or a behavior barbaric and bloodthirsty and calling a person on these forums barbaric and bloodthirsty. I don’t think Andy Griffith would have called his son bloodthirsty. Maybe his actions, so, but the people we associate with deserve a little courtesy. And no, ConLib, I didn’t report you. I don’t think I’ve ever reported anyone, because I feel you still should have a voice. If the mods want to take care of it themselves, I’ll let them do that.

That being said, I have no qualms calling this baby killer bloodthirsty.


I agree. This is a private site and I know that I can be banned for any reason the owner so wishes. I will not pussyfoot around truth and reality either.


Abortion is the ultimate act of selfishness. Justice demands that the truth be told about abortion. Abortion is the single most devastating legal permission given to society which is directly responsible for our country to devalue all life, not just unborn human life, but all life. Abortion, and the resulting devaluation of life has given birth to relativism and nihilism. We have become a nation/world of desperate and hopeless people. We have become hard-hearted toward many of our fellow human beings because they don’t matter–only what I want matters. There is a book written by an author named Lois Lowry. She wrote a book for kids titled, “The Memory Keeper” or something like that. It is a story of a futuristic America where memories/history is wiped out of everyone’s mind except for one person. He/she is the “memory keeper”. He alone holds the burden of the mistakes of past society. Interestingly, in this story, the world is seen in only black and white–there is no color differentiation. As the story goes, one youngster decides to go beyond the “safe” area of their little world. And, he discovers a world of color–but sadness…sadness because of the reality of what happens in a society which chooses to ignore evil. Abortion should never be colored over, softened, or made out to be less than what it is. I am reminded of the American soldiers who freed the death camps during WWII and how horrified they were when they discovered the reality of what was happening to the Jews. They made a point of forcing the townspeople to look at what they allowed to happen right under their noses.