About Myself


I am a Conservative Republican and I am in high school. I love reading and swimming. I study a lot and I am currently requesting information for colleges because senior year is almost here for me. I enjoy discussions and talking with open-minded people. If you would like to know more feel free to ask me.


WELCOME TO RO! First off, just want to start off by saying its nice to see a younger member of this board. It is a good thing for young men and women to break away from time to time from popular culture and try to focus on the bigger issues and the current events of the world. I think that, with just entering college and my high opinion on the importance of education, this board will be a benefit to you. Though you will meet a lot of arguments and at times emotions may get heated, there are a lot of opportunities for really insightful debates. The board is not a singular political ideology. We have members that range from the far right variety, to the religious right, Conservative, Constitutionalists, RINO, Moderates, Libertarians, and even a few Liberals. Can’t say for certain that we have any Far Left members, but I will say that term has been used on more than one occasion on more than one member at one point or another.

As for Colleges, I don’t know where you from by I am a graduate of Florida State University (GO NOLES!) and I highly recommend it. Good school AND a lot of fun.


Welcome to RO, GOP101!


Thanks so much! I want to attend Missouri S & T which is where I live. Thank you so much for the advice though!


This would be much easier on the eyes


Welcome to RO




Please do resize your avatar. If you have any difficulty, RET already resized it, and, although that is still awfully large to my mind, it is much preferable to what you now have. When I first joined this site, my avatar was about as large as was allowed.


Welcome, yes please rsize the avatar.


Okay okay geez. I only had it that way because I couldn’t figure out how to resize it. I didn’t even want my avatar that large anyway. Sorry. Thanks though.


I changed it.


Hi and welcome!

Are you pro-Clam or anti-Clam?..





Please be sure to read our Guide to Surviving RO. The questions are to help us start to get to know you in a sometimes fun way. Besides, we’re a nosy bunch.


That’s better, but half that size would be perfect.


Here is a smaller version if needed



Welcome to RO. Don’t get hung up on the avatar, jump into the discussions and have fun… customize your profile and such as you get time :slight_smile:


Thanks haha. Sorry just saw your message.


Glad to see you back! I thought maybe we’d scared you off…


No not at all. I’ve just been really busy. Sorry about that.


Nothing to be sorry about. I realize that there are actually people out there who have a life… :awkward: