About the Paris attacks...


France is funny…this might just change everything…


Don’t worry it is only work place violence from those friendly “refugees”.


Christianapour (or whatever) every other word is “blowback” hoping to blame it all at least on France…hopefully on the US.


Fox reporting at least 100 more dead in the concert hall FWIW. Fox does not have a stellar record on these things but who does?


Wonderful News!

We can take some from France!:banana:

WASHINGTON President Obama, under increasing pressure to demonstrate that the United States is joining European nations in the effort to resettle Syrian refugees, has told his administration to take in at least 10,000 displaced Syrians over the next year.

Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary, said in a briefing Thursday that while the administration was continuing to examine responses to a refugee crisis that has overwhelmed Europe in recent days, the president has decided to raise the number of Syrian refugees admitted to at least 10,000 in the fiscal year beginning in October from fewer than 2,000 this year.



France is funny…they might just have had enough…


Then there is this:

New York Senator Wants to Take in 1.5 Million Muslim Migrants

New York Senator Wants to Take in 1.5 Million Muslim Migrants | Pamela Geller


But France could by itself crush ISIS and France has always insisted that it uses its forces as France sees fit.


This may be one of those times. Europe is bearing the brunt of it, and Europe must decide to defend itself.


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Angola bans Islam and shuts down all mosques across the country because it ‘clashes with state religion of Christianity’:banana:

Angola bans Islam and shuts down all mosques | Daily Mail Online


Quite frankly, today has been a confusing, angering, and agonizing day for horrified individuals to additional buffoonery by Moslems, victims of this mindless hate and their families, and more importantly a perfect God who looks at the wickedness the individuals he created are now perpetrating and shakes his head at the somewhat innocent ignorance of those now in power.
The only way to fix this is… VOTE.


They already have more boots on the ground fighting the jihadists than the United States has; 3,000 in Western Africa, 2,000 in Central Africa, and 3,200 in Iraq. President François Hollande has said there will be “a war without pity”. Meanwhile Obama boasted on “Good Morning Today” Friday that “we have contained them [ISIS]”.


Nothing happens as a surprise to God and nothing happens which He does not allow.

Prayer. Voting fixes nothing.


It should have previously been made an AK-47 free zone and a grenade free zone. It could have made all the difference.


**Those idiots think the Muslims are just good ol’ boys reacting after being provoked. In fact, the ISIS theme song…

If only we could get it with the ISIS flag rather than the Confederate Battle Flag. By the way, which would be more acceptable amongst the American left?


I’m back, at least for a little. While this may well have been Muslim extremists, it doesn’t fit the ‘profile’ that we normally see. That isn’t to say that it isn’t, but lets look at the facts. First off, they used grenades rather than exclusively home made bombs. Second off there was no ‘chatter’ from the various groups. Nothing from ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, or any of the ‘usual suspects’ to indicate this was coming. Even with 9/11 there was some chatter to indicate something was coming (what and when and where we found out too late). Third, and perhaps most importantly, many of the ‘usual suspects’ have chimed in praising the attacks, but none have claimed responsibility yet. That in and of itself is WAY outside the norm for the groups. To be able to strike in the heart of not only France, but practically the center of Europe would be a huge ‘feather in their cap’, but so far they have merely praised it without claiming responsibility. It may just be me and time will tell, but this doesn’t ‘feel’ like an attack by Muslim extremists, at least not by any group we’ve seen before. If it is Muslim extremists (and I’ll admit they are the most likely suspects) then I would venture to guess that it is a new group, one better organized than anything we’ve seen before and more savvy about how they communicate. Just my thoughts, and like I said, something feels ‘off’ about the attacks, at least if it was one of the 'usual suspects.


Have you not been listening to Glenn Beck? We should be letting in more refugees, thousands are Christians trying to avoid death. Christians Beck has raised millions to save.

The Nazarene Fund: Frequently Asked Questions | Glenn Beck

They, and the Yazidis, and the Kurds, and the Druzi, are right now being denied asylum here the same as the Muslims, that is not okay.

Glenn Beck Will Smuggle Syrian Refugees into U.S. Illegally | Mediaite

If the government is too slow to save them, then **** it. Christianity’s very heritage is on the line, along with all these people’s lives. Saving these ancient communities from destruction means far more than respecting a broken system designed by cynical people.

Cruz Calls for End to Syrian Refugee Resettlement to America

There are a LOT of jokes made at France’s expense, but historically, they are a VERY militaristic nation.

Charles the Hammer.

Compte De Grasse, Rochambeau, and the Marquis de Layfayette.

Napoleon and Marshal Ney.

Generations of West Pointers that studied French military textbooks and learned French as part of the curriculum.

The poilu of the Great War, that charged machine guns with bayonets for years on end. The same soldiers that famously said, ils ne passeront pas , and stopped the German advance cold at Verdun.

The French Foreign Legion, that spent decades fighting just this sort of thing in Algeria and French Indochina.

That said, I have a few suggestions.

  1. Mass deportations of illegals; in the immediate postwar era, we deported well over 5 million illegal immigrants and there’s no real reason France can’t deport a similar proportion.

  2. Re-establishment and judicious enforcement of vagrancy laws; if you’re a long-term unemployed naturalized alien, you should have to show cause why you shouldn’t repatriate. A good way to track this would be exhaustion of public assistance; most forms of aid require meetings with case workers and have visibility. Once an alien exhausts public benefits, this would be reported to immigration authorities.

  3. Membership in organizations that advocate the immediate armed overthrow of the nation’s government needs to be grounds for deportation.

And it’s interesting that the Islamofascists mention the Crusades. The Crusades were really the West’s response to Islamic incursion, and so ISIS needs to know, as is said, that the fight’s on. The West is in a war for survival, and it’s time to get serious about it. No conditions, no “degrading of their ability.” ISIS needs to expect prompt and judicious military action for as long as it takes to destroy their ability and will to commit acts of violence. No conditions, the West’s criteria for ending combat needs to be unconditional surrender.

And given all the love for Zygon Invasion, I am sure somebody will say “just bombing people” will radicalize them. Guess what:

They’re ALREADY radicalized.

We’re in a Long War, a war of attrition, and it’s time to quit acting like it’s a diplomatic negotiation. You can’t negotiate with people that aren’t interested in negotiating.


[quote=“old_dog, post:12, topic:47698”]
They already have more boots on the ground fighting the jihadists than the United States has; 3,000 in Western Africa, 2,000 in Central Africa, and 3,200 in Iraq. President François Hollande has said there will be “a war without pity”. Meanwhile Obama boasted on “Good Morning Today” Friday that “we have contained them [ISIS]”.
[/quote]Ruthlessness is exactly what is called for. They should hang every single one they capture and leave them for the vultures.


ISIS has claimed responsibility. They have video of assailants yelling Allah Akbar. It was the work of ISIS.