Abuse Industry Paves the Royal Road to the Welfare State


Abuse Industry Paves the Royal Road to the Welfare State
January 8, 2011 - by Carey Roberts
Pajamas Media

In a little-publicized move, outgoing California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently approved a bill that creates a new multi-million dollar entitlement. Signed into law during the waning months of his second term, Senate Bill 782 bans landlords from kicking out scofflaw tenants who are victims of domestic violence.

The law defines a domestic violence victim as any person who “has filed a report alleging that the protected tenant or the household member is a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking.” Note “alleging”: no evidence or proof is necessary. …

Here’s how the clunky system works. The abuse victim must procure a restraining order before services can be rendered. Such no-contact orders drive a nearly impenetrable wedge between the parties, creating what Harvard law professor Jeannie Suk calls a system of “government-imposed de facto divorce.”

Many states have broadened their definition of child abuse to include instances when children merely witness physical aggression between parents. Mom slaps dad and junior catches a glimpse? Child abuse — meaning Child and Protective Services (CPS) gets into the act. Junior is carted off to a foster home for a couple weeks, if not longer. The stories I’ve heard about children trapped in the CPS maze, removed from the parents they desperately love, sends my blood pressure skyward.

I’m beginning to think of government social workers as another giant leech on the lifeblood - $$ and freedon - of American people! I really shouldn’t feel that way, as many are very decent people, but crap like this makes keeping that perspective difficult!


I’ve been say that about CPS caseworkers for about 15 years now.


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I am reminded of several cases I have seen on different court TV shows where there are people who move in and then fail to pay their rent and play the system knowing they can stay there. claiming this or that. Once these people are evicted they move on to the next"victim".


And the times they really are needed, they’re nowhere to be found.

Most of us realize that do-gooders mainly care about appearances, and don’t bother to think things through to their end. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be living with so many unintended consequences.
But do you ever get the impression that these unintended consequences ARE intended?


A friend of mine has a niece like that. She has (I think) 5 illegitimate children, and has had 8 abortions. My friend stays in contact with her, but is unable to influence her. Unfortunately, she is many states away, so she never sees her anymore.


Certainly, I do.

A family that was very close to me was NEEDLESSLY destroyed by CPS. As I did my best to help them deal with the aftermath, My research showed that what happened to them was not an isolated case. It was SOP. It is intentional to the Nth degree.

I also agree, when CPS is truly needed, they are nowhere to be found. They are only interested in profitable targets. Please read the family rights stick thread in the famly forum for more info.