Academy Award performance . .


We all knew Ford was going to give a dramatic performance. No surprise there.

But two things about her behavior jumped out to me that suggest lying (nevermind that the substance . . . or maybe I sould say lack of substance . . . also shows lying.)

  • If you watch closely, you can see that the whimpering (which was largely responsible for the telling the truth claims that most made) gets turned on and off to the degree that it becomes apparent she was coached. She will whimper and then her tone becomes “normal” for a second, then she realizes it, and then switches back right away to whimpering.

  • As she tells her story, she calls Kavanaugh “Bret” at one point, then at another part of the story “Mister Kavanaugh”, and then in another part “Judge Kavanaugh”. This suggests she was coached by several different people.

Bottom line . . . I don’t believe one word she says.

I hear now that she’s backed out of this altogether . . . sounds like she’s afraid she’ll get caught perjuring herself.


I didn’t watch it. I was/am so disgusted by all of that I just knew I’d get too angry and maybe have a stroke. These dems use this tactic every time a repub or conservative is up for some kind of appointment, particularly the SCOTUS. Memories of the disgusting tactics of the left during Clarence Thomas’ confirmation hearings still makes me apoplectic. And, let’s not dance around it. There was/is ONE reason for all of this: ABORTION. That’s the bottom line. The evil PP troglodytes and their malevolent comradettes in Congress are in total panic mode because they know that abortion is going to be changed, maybe even overturned, with conservative, pro-life judges on the bench.


It’s not just abortion these days. The Dems want full blown socialism, and the courts are the most reliable path to impose it. The Dems don’t talk up the issues because a lot of voters don’t like what they want. The millennials like it because they are brainwashed, but most of the people who have jobs and who have learned the economic facts of life know better.

Look for a bloodbath if Ruth Baiter Ginsberg has to leave the court. Word has it that Trump has a conservative woman In the wings. Maybe they will try to accuse her of rape, but that will be a hard sell.


Little late for that, since she testified under oath. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a get-out-of-the-country escape hatch planned if things blow up.


Dems (and I think it was Hillary that said this specifically): “Every woman has the right to be believed . . .”

Unless you were RAPED by Bill Clinton
Unless you were BEATEN by Keith Ellison
Unless you were GROPED by Cory Booker
Unless you were KILLED by Ted Kennedy

Now, is that hypocrisy or what?


Although I agree with you wholeheartedly about the socialism/communism desires of the left, abortion is it’s golden calf…especially amongst left-wing women. They are so afraid of losing the right to kill innocent babies that at the very hint of a possible change in the abortion law, they go out of their minds. And seriously, from their goofy antics over the past few years, I do believe that many of them are mentally ill. If they’re not mentally ill, then they are just evil. This isn’t a battle between conservatives and progressives, it’s a battle between good and evil. It’s gonna get uglier folks.


Even with high-powered help in Congress (and probably the courts), the pro-abortion crowd may be fighting a losing battle. Pure political chicanery is all they’ve got. They’re losing the propaganda war because too many young poeple- of both sexes- are coming to realize that it is a person in the womb, and that PP and the like are feeding them a crock of bull.


Concur. Well put.