According to CNN just stated by Wolf Blitzer, Carson to endorse Trump tomorrow


I am surprised, though quite frankly this probably has a lot to do with his dismay at the establishment, and maybe even the feeling of being treated unfairly. Rightfully or wrongfully.

I really like Carson, but surely he understands that Trumps economic concepts in particular run counter to Carsons ideology.

P.S Before I am attacked as this not being official announcement, I am just sharing it as it is “breaking news”. I cannot confirm in any way shape or form.


If true, this is big. Carson did not get a lot of votes but he has great respect throughout the GOP. The specific policies are secondary to their shared conviction that status quo must go.


Yes. I think this is bigger than it’s intrinsic value because I get the feeling that Carson supporters; like Rand Paul, are extremely loyal. They may listen to this endorsement and think to themselves, “well if Ben thinks he is ok, and I respect his judgement, I should cast my vote accordingly”.

It’s clear that the chances of this going to a convention are becoming more slim as each day goes by, especially with these winner take all states.

One final note, I didn’t realize that Trump compared Carson to a child molester. If there was something to be said to cause even less respect for Trump, it is this comment. Apparently Carson said, at the time this happened that he isn’t going to judge what Trump said in the heat of the moment…


I believe it was this moment that made it happen.


Yeah, I remember that. Sometimes the little things in life are very revealing.


That, in my book, goes a long way for Trump. Like old dog said, it is the little things.


My guess is that Trump may ask Carson to be his running mate. If that happens, I think Trump will have a huge lead over the dems regardless of which commie runs on the demo ticket.


Trump has already stated that he would want someone who is a politician be his running mate. Based on his discussion of Carson endorsing him during this debate, and him speaking about Carson’s abilities, he is probably looking to have him work in the administration in a healthcare capacity, whatever that might be.


I’m not going to believe this until I see some confirmation.


Trump essentially confirmed it live on the air on Fox this morning.


He probably bought this endorsement with the Surgeon General position.


Oh, that’s right! I forgot about the “Surgeon General” position. Um…what does the SG do? I don’t remember who the SG is or was except during the Klintonistas’ reign. I forgot her name, Joceyln something, but she was a black lady who had a lot of nutty ideas…teaching kids to masturbate in school was one I remember.


Carson says he is endorsing Trump because the elites in the Party are attempting to step in and turn back what is becoming clear is the will of the people. I believe him. But, I also believe there is a position in the Trump administration for him.

I also think Trump has just secured the nomination. Why? Read Old Dog’s and shockedcanadian’s replies above. There are enough people who are extremely loyal to Carson to put Trump over the top in close primary races. IMHO


Yes. I am sure that Carson can be bought, what with all that integrity and all.
You want to try to rethink that one?


There may, or there may not be. Personally, I think a man of Carson’s integrity can’t be bought that cheaply.

I also think Trump has just secured the nomination. Why? Read Old Dog’s and shockedcanadian’s replies above. There are enough people who are extremely loyal to Carson to put Trump over the top in close primary races. IMHO

I’m not as confident as you.
I hope I’m wrong, but I think a brokered convention is in the works. HARD in the works.
Never forget that he who counts the votes…

…and the it’s the RNC who gets to decide all those delegate votes. It’ll be stunning miracle if Cruz or Trump gets them from this point on.


Gah. That’s what I’ve been hearing elsewhere. I’m officially bummed out.

I have to wonder about that, too. I don’t know what his reason might be. But whatever it is, I’m still not voting for Trump.


don’t be hardshelled. Won’t you vote for the republican nominee…to keep a democrat out of the office? clammit.


Sure, it could also have been the Secretary of Health and Human Services position.


how about that he is anti-establishment and so is trump. YOu know…the only people who hate trump are the people that really hate trump. LOL His butler had good things to say about him…his kids are decent people, his classmates who admit to remembering him say he was and is a really good guy. Seems the only people who really hate him are the establishment folks…and we know why they don’t support him.


Yeah that’s it, Trump is wonderful to everyone except those who want business as usual in Washington; that explains everything completely.