ACLU Head Resigns After Trannies Whip It Out In Front Of Her Daughters


The lefties don’t like it when it affects … Them!:angry:


What does it take to make a progressive, Berkeley grad, black woman quit the ACLU? Apparently tranny dongs.

Maya Dillard Smith was the Georgia chapter head of the ACLU, an organization that supports transgender bathroom “rights”, but an unfortunate tranny encounter in a public restroom involving her young daughters has caused her to resign.

In a statement, Smith revealed why she is stepping down from the leadership position in the American Civil Liberties Union.

“I have shared my personal experience of having taken my elementary school age daughters into a women’s restroom when shortly after three transgender young adults, over six feet [tall] with deep voices, entered.

My children were visibly frightened, concerned about their safety and left asking lots of questions for which I, like many parents, was ill-prepared to answer,” wrote Smith.

ACLU Head Resigns After Trannies Whip It Out In Front Of Her Daughters


I’m not here to argue the right or wrong of this issue, we already have a thread for that. But why post such a misleading story?

The woman that resigned is not “head of the ACLU”, she is the head of the “Georgia ACLU”. If there is a head of the ACLU it’s Anthony Romero.

No one “whipped anything out” in front of children. Three transgender men went into a bathroom with her daughters who were, according to reports were “startled” and asking questions…

But she didn’t resign for that reason, she resigned:

“It became clear that we were principally and philosophically different in opinion,” she said in the radio interview this week. “How do we educate ourselves if we can’t ask those questions, engage in dialogue?”

Because there is a refusal to have a conversation, I assume within the ACLU.

I’ve played devils advocate on this issue for the regulars here at RO. Truth be known, I can see the dilemma this creates, and clearly dialogue and discussion should always be invited, even if the discussion is to oppose ideas that are dominating the Liberal mainstream.

But why be so dishonest about the story?


The headline was misleading but the story wasn’t. Maya Dillard Smith chose to use the incident in the bathroom to illustrate her difference of opinion with the ACLU so it clearly did influence her decision.


Mr Brown just wants to start something. Nothing misleading about the story and that was the point. She was a head of an ACLU.


Yes, she was head of a local chapter of the ACLU…But I’ll concede the point, it’s mostly irrelevant…

The more misleading point was regarding what took place. Did anyone “…Whip It Out In Front Of Her Daughters”?

No, that’s a fabrication meant to elicit an emotional response and clearly promotes the idea that innocent little girls where sexually assaulted, when that’s clearly not the case.


100% agree.

The OP’s comment “The lefties don’t like it when it affects … Them!”…

She didn’t quit because of transvestites in a bathroom, she quit because no one wanted to discuss it. The indecent in the bathroom was merely the event that triggered the disagreement. Reasoned discussions is something any principled person on the right or left should be upset about and willing to stand on as a principle. Presumably she would have stayed if there had been more open discussion about the issue.


csb28, you’re picking nits wrt the headline. But if you must, the headline for this Fox News article identifies Ms. Smith as, “a Dem ACLU Leader”. Of greater interest, possibly, embedded in the article is an interview with Ms. Smith. Also interesting - I originally was checking to see whether the incident happened at all - not one MSM outlet was on the first page of my Google search results. I guess the reliably liberal MSM folk consigned this to the, “It’s just a local story,” spike (or gave it brief token-CYA coverage).


Two things…

First, I already conceded the part about who she was and her title as a minor point.

Second, The real point has nothing to do what what media is reporting rather the title of the thread as it was written here, “ACLU Head Resigns After Trannies Whip It Out In Front Of Her Daughters”.

Most people won’t take the time to read the article, and most will assume that “trannies” actually whipped out their junk and showed it to some little girls and the ACLU head quit for that reason. This isn’t what happened and it only feeds into conformation bias that most transvestites are sexual perverts interested only in exposing themselves to little girls.

Look, It happens on the Left too, I admit it, and it’s the reason that people are driven farther from the center. People on the Left with what I’ll call social justice warriors and on the Right, probably best embodied today in the idea of an anti-PC culture.

Both cultures are being driven by a perception that is at best only partially true. The OP is a perfect example. That was my point, nothing more.


Most people won’t take the time to read the article …

I won’t claim to speak for or be like “most people”,but I’m reflexively skeptical of lurid or “too perfect” gotcha headlines. In fact, that was why I Googled the state ACLU leader’s name, to see, 1.) if anything happened at all. and 2.) whether the report that she resigned was an exaggeration. As for “Whip It Out”, it’s obvious hyperbole, since women’s restrooms have stalls, not urinals. So I didn’t take “Whip It Out” literally or as intended to be taken literally.


I have never seen a topic to cherry picked. “It depends on what your definition if “is” is?”. :rofl:


Are you suggesting we’ve been nitpicking and hyper-analyzing? Hmmm? And that the big points are getting lost in the flurry of words? Point well taken, and as csb28 has said (taking considerable liberty in translation), the click-bait-style headline does distract and detract some from the import of what happened.

What I see:

This state ACLU leader saw in her daughter’s experience that the transgender advocates either did not consider what they advocated from the perspective of the children who would experience it, or saw thos echildren as bigots who needed to be shocked and their opinions crushed.

This state ACLU leader saw that the ACLU has become so rigidly doctrinaire on this point (and maybe others, from her POV), that her choice was to march lockstep or get out, with no room for discussion or diversity.


I think what she wanted was to discuss it and then have other people agree she was right.


Sure, I don’t disagree. It’s ok to be “left leaning” and not agree with this policy.

I’ve played devils advocate for the folks here at RO, but I’m not entirely on-board with the blanket transgender policy. Not because I think that a man wearing a dress, pink panties and makeup is immoral (you’ll notice that’s where I turned my focus rather than defend the issue on legal or political grounds). I mean, I think it’s a little weird, but it’s a free country. The problem for me is trying to codify this issue in law. Before it was codified, men that looked like women used the women’s bathroom had to be pretty convincing as women. Now that we are passing policy our laws are out of sync with our culture and there is divisiveness, conflict and as people here are quick to point out, exploitation.

On the left, we have the social justice warriors who will fight for LGBT rights no matter the cost or how it affects those that disagree. Worse they will violate any principles they need to on the way to get what they want. Their stories get the most airplay because conflict sells and it becomes a two sided issue in an issue with more than just two sides. The OP is case in point. A woman that fight for rights who sees more than just two sides to the issue. The moderates (on the left or right), their opinions are decisive enough and don’t make for good TV.

For all the arguments I’ve made, I am sympathetic for people who have genuine issues of gender confusion, and I admit there is no one size fits all solution to this problem. I just know the solution isn’t codifying this issue in law, for or against. I suspect the real solutions will come when reasonable people on both sides have real face to face conversations. Not in a forum like this, not on Jerry Springer, but people who support a particular point-of-view, but understand the issues and concerns of the other side, sit down and look their detractors in the eyes and share their experiences and facts on the matter and learn how to compromise, but the art of compromise is lost because compromise makes for crappy TV.


I agree with most of this but the OP isn’t about transsexuals, at least not directly, it’s about Maya Dillard Smith. Smith would have us believe that she quit her job at the ACLU because she was making a principled stand against activities and attitudes she disagrees with. The woman isn’t an idiot, she has a degree from UC-Berkeley and I don’t believe she was confused at any time about the business model of the ACLU, it only became an issue for her when she needed an excuse to quit her job because one thing happened that she didn’t like and that put her outside of the progressive hive mind.


She quit because this obviously ridiculous idea that will endanger the innocent and those stupid enough to think they can now march into the opposite sex bathroom because the “Law” will protect them from angry fathers, husbands, brothers and protective mothers is a bastardization of the concept of “Civil Rights”.

There is no place in Liberalism for decency or common sense, every once in awhile a Liberal figures this out and has to step away for the sake of their own soul.


Yes, yes, always your fantasy of “us” vs “them”…lol


I think the accurate term for this would be, “mugged liberal”. Whatever Ms. Smith’s views prior on this particular issue, her daughter experienced a predictable consequence of the transgender activists getting their way. Thankfully her daughter was “only” scared. And then, subsequently, Ms. Smith experienced the ACLU’s doctrinaire stance that refused to tolerate discussion of how the changes would (not “might”, but WOULD!) play out. Thankfully, she refused to march lock-step, and chose her daughter over ideology.

Mrs. S in CA and I recently attending a performance of “The Mousetrap” in London. Near the time for the start a visibly obvious transvestite went into the women’s restroom. Nothing came of it, but the possibilities were too real - a pretender with voyeuristic (or worse) purposes. The guy looked awful, and I don’t think clothing and cosmetics tips from RuPaul would have helped.


Only an edited by DN DOESN’T recognize this as an “us vs them” issue.


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