ACOC/Covert Conservative shutting down

Hey guys.
Both the sites in the title are closing. This would be a good chance to gain a bunch of members.
Are ya’ll receptive? New guys can be cool.

I’m a little confused.

What are you proposing to “get” these new members?

And, yes, I think most here would be receptive to new members. Why not? I’m certainly amenable to the idea.

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He is saying lets tell them about here maybe some will come here to see what this is about maybe find this place as their new home?

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Kewl . . . if he, or you or anyone else here is a member of those boards (or are they already shut down?), an announcement there to try RO would be fine with me, and a lot of others here I think.

Although, if I think this through . . .

I don’t know what the flavor of those boards is. Would we be inviting a host of “clowns” to come here?

Well . . . I guess even “clowns” (as if we don’t already have them) would be good for traffic.

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** Not an official Mod statement. Personal Opinion only!**

If someone wants to suggest to other members on other sites that they should check this forum out, I don’t see an issue.

I don’t speak for the RO Site Admin/Owner on this topic.

A lot of people came here when Laurie’s TRS went down (actually, she closed it because she couldn’t keep up with the trolls). But a good percentage of the earliest members of RO came from there.

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filco1, where do you get this information? I looked at the ACOC site and found no indication of this.

Well the ACOC board has been known to have “clowns” show up on occasion,
I’ve posted there since 2009 under the same name.
Most from ACOC tend to be respectful to other conservatives but they do like to give lib/progressive posters a hard time.

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It’s on the inside.

I have no idea what this means.

Meanwhile the owner HERE (who ever he is) remains silent on this and the growing complaints of the lousy forum software…

In the forum. Not on the outside advertisement. Ya gotta join up to read over there.

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Most of the complaints were aired when the change was made, and most of us are adapting to it. I don’t see further complaint as particularly helpful, unless it’s to address how to better use what we’ve got.

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Just wanted to call your attention to this thread.

This is how you call someone’s attention. “@username

Agree with DevilNeck’s opinion.

I won’t go there and adverise personally as I don’t like to just stop in for self-promotion

I am happy with any new members that this even-keeled mod team puts up with :vb-agree: