Action Man photo sparks security fears


Action Man photo sparks security fears
Staff reporter, The West Australian
February 14, 2013, 10:44 am

A UK man’s Facebook photo of an Action Man doll with a toy weapon has sparked security fears, prompting armed police officers to raid his home.

Ian Driscoll from Gloucestershire, in south-west England, told Britain’s Daily Mail he was shocked when five officers, two armed with submachine guns, turned up at his home last month searching for the mortar pictured in his Facebook photo.

The “weapon” was in fact a six-inch toy which had been pictured next to an Action Man doll and a toy Alsatian in Mr Driscoll’s photo and had been posted online more than a month earlier.

After leading officers to the toy, 43-year-old Ian Driscoll said officers apologised and left his home.

“I couldn’t believe someone thought it was real,” he told the Daily Mail.

The picture that caused this is at the top of this article. How any persons capable of recognizing things common in a reasonably modern home could not figure out that the “mortar” was a small toy, I don’t understand. Just look, for example, at the base board at the bottom of the wall, the modem or router and power adapter at the right side of the pic, the computer communication cables running the full width of the pic, and the obviously plastic jacket worn by the action figure (and if Action Man is a popular toy in the UK, no one on the police force recognized it?).


Unfortunately, I couldn’t see the photo on the smartphone version.

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