Activist Tony Yapias, trump basher/berserker, arrested for rape


This is the guy that bashed trump for saying that many illegals are raping here in the US…and now Tony Yappy has been arrested for raping…an illegal alien.

Press Ignores Prominent Trump-Bashing Utah Immigration Activist’s Rape Arrest

media doing a total black out on this news.


Rape is never funny, it’s a serious crime, a horrible crime.
A guy that bad mouths Trump for saying that illegals rape women in the U.S. & then he is accused of rape? Well I sure won’t laugh about it or make fun of the rape. BUT assuming he is charged, found guilty, put in prison & then takes long showers…Well can you blame me for a little smile?


This is a perfect example of the left. 1. They say one thing, they do another. 2. Projection: always accusing others of the very things they are guilty.


Predictably, the story has gotten zero MSM coverage beyond a couple of SLC papers and local TV stations; AP has a brief, cursory article, which no national paper or broadcast source has carried. Those sources euphemize her status, saying she had “immigration issues” or “concerns”, and don’t say whether Yapias is a native-born US citizen, a naturalized citizen, is a legal immigrant, or has similar “issues”. So I don’t know if he’s a legal US resident (of whatever status) who raped an illegal or an illegal who raped another illegal. Either way, given his activism the irony is palpable.

Some details that may or may not be in the linked article: Yapias does not have a prior criminal record; he and the woman had had a “relationship” for the four years prior to the rape, but she had broken it off a week or two before; they had lengthy phone text message conversations both before and after the rape, which he deleted from both phones (without permission, in the case of hers), but which were recovered by electronic forensics people. The SLC DA recused himself from the case because he had worked with Yapias in the contexts of the local D Party and community projects; at least he handled an appearance of a (or a real) conflict of interest properly (not good for his future in the D Party, though, if he hopes for one).


I realize that you’re looking at this from the angle of poetic justice. But having been sexually abused by my father when I was a kid, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone; not even him, even though the time was when I wanted to kill him.