Added 100 New Games

There’s a lot of duplicates right now, but I have a conference call I have to get on. Just thought I would let you all know there are new games.

I plan on adding about 200 more.


oh yay!

Okay 299 games are now in the arcade.

Warning some games may be crass or explicit- as in nudity,sexuality, etc… I went through and took out some that were obvious, but others may have slipped through (I don’t know why they are always included with these game bundles). If you find one while playing, just let me know and I’ll delete it.

Also, all registered users can now create tournaments.

Anyway enjoy!

I had more high scores than Viking for oh probably a few seconds, but that’s good enough for me! :wink:

Hehe, EV just shot down my Mouse Kill score…