Adolf Hitler - The Resonating Light.


Let’s bring up the most “evil” man in history shall we?

The following information on Adolf Hitler is fact . . . .

Ignore the propaganda, they will call it either hype or brainwashing of the masses. However no advertising campaign and no amount of money could buy the adoration shown to a leader in this thread. By comparison I laugh at the very thought of a world leader today even with all the modern media technology attempting to match the charisma of this man

Adolf Hitler rose from obscurity and unlike royalty he was not handed great wealth or a title by birth. Instead by pure instinct and great will power he rose through the masses to build Germany to a superpower nation. Love him or loathe him there is no denying he was one of the most natural born leaders of all time.

The following information on Adolf Hitler is fact . . . .

It does not take a genius to see that there was something special about Adolf Hitler. He was a charismatic orator and a great visionary. A leader who was truly a man of the people who believed in rewarding the German workers with state paid holidays abroad and better all round working conditions. They in return gave him their loyalty.

The greatest economic miracle in all of human history was the miracle that Hitler achieved from 1933 to 1938, He reduced unemployment from 30% in 1932 to only 2.01% in 1938.

Adolf also introduced the standard forty-hour work week in Europe. Overtime work could now be compensated at an increased rate, which was done nowhere else on the continent at the time. And because the eight-hour work day was now the norm, overtime work became more readily available.
Whilst many of these rights are taken for granted today, it should be remembered that at the time, such social protection was unheard of outside of Germany.

Lawlessness, prostitution, smuggling and other antisocial maladies were widespread before Adolf took over as Chancellor. By tackling the problem in various ways crime was virtually eliminated and city streets became safe and moral regions, fit for family life again

As a soldier he was a hero in World War 1 and was awarded Germany’s highest medal of honour, the Iron Cross not once but twice, the first when he captured 4 french soldiers single handed. It was December 1915 when Hitler was awarded the first Iron Cross.
On the 4th August 1918 he was awarded his second Iron Cross , an exceptional achievement for a Corporal , In all he was awarded 6 medals. Just to put it in perspective, imagine Tony Blair ever winning the Victoria Cross…or George Bush the medal of honour ? No neither can I.

His finest hour was the reversal of the humiliating Treaty of Versailles after the conquest of superpower France, completed in only two weeks.
He was eventually to rule most of Europe and ranks along side the likes of Napoleon and Caesar as one of the great military leaders of our time.

Great allied lies and myths of Adolf Hitler …

  1. He persecuted catholics
    Adolf himself was a catholic , his wife Eva was catholic as was his beloved mother. Mussellini, Italy and , Ante Pavelic, Croatia two of his strongest allies were catholic countries as was Franco,Spain whom he helped in their civil war.

  2. He persecuted all jews. 150,000 Jews fought for Hitler in WW2,They included 2 field marshalls, 15 generals, (2 full generals, 8 lieut. generals, 5 major generals) 20 Jews were awarded the Iron cross.

I think this gets you people a better understanding on who he actually was. The only evil is the right and the Fake Communists such as people who support Trotsky. They are the fake Communists that we have come to know as the Soviet Union. They believe in Internationalism which is a zionist thought. I also find it Interesting that so many people believe in the Holohoax.


Unemployment was reduced, yes, because when you conscript people to start an expansionist war they are counted among the “employed”. The German economy was on the verge of collapse after your “miracle” from 1933-1938, they had to go to war to plunder resources to sustain it.

Take a look at the Hossbach memorandum.

“In Hitler’s view, the German economy had reached such a state of crisis that the only way of stopping a drastic fall in living standards in Germany was to embark on a policy of aggression sooner rather than later to provide sufficient Lebensraum by seizing Austria and Czechoslovakia” – This is 1937


Your signature says “Glory to the USSR”…


The land seized by the Germans were all stolen land from other countries. That land dates German centuries before. Hitler wanted peace and to obtain the lost land. After all, Hitler never declared war on the allies. The British and French decided to declare war ON Hitler but NOT the Soviet Union for the invasion of Poland. Why didn’t the Allies declare war on The Soviet Union as well? I also endorse the Soviet Union up to the death of Stalin.


That it was controlled by Germany during imperial times does not give Germany any right to it. If you endorse Stalin you must endorse national self-determination, have you read his “Marxism and the National Question?”

You can’t be a ‘true Communist’ while not supporting national self-determination, it’s an important part. Why do you think the USSR was split into 15 republics? They were each separate nations.


They were not seperate nations ever until the collapse of the Soviet Union. “The Ukraine” never actually existed. That land was the Kiev Rus. The first capital of Russia was Kiev, how is that land “Ukrainian.”? Just because the West draws a line saying that’s Ukraines land, it doesn’t make it true. Let me turn the tables and ask you a question about a nation. The United States it the only “Country” to have 50 “Countries” inside it. You do know a state IS a country? So pretty much we have 50 nations under one imperialistic government. The formation of the United States was SUPPOSE to be a loose affiliation of countries. Once again it comes down to the Internationalist Idea. The US government is run by a bunch of Zionist Jews. We fight wars for the sake of the defense of Israel while putting our own interests second.


When I say nation I mean the people, not nation as in a ‘legal entity’ or however I should say this in English- Ukrainians and Russians do have common origins from the Rus’, that doesn’t mean we are not separate nations. And the current border of Ukraine is incorrect, I agree, but they are a separate nationality, or else there would not have been a separate Ukrainian SSR.

States in the US are different because of who the US is made up of in the first place. There is not primarily a different nationality in each state. The USSR was made up of distinct nations who have separate languages and culture, even if they have a history of being ruled together by one government as in the case of Ukraine and Russia.


The Ukrainian SSR land was given to them during the Brezhnev era. He thought it would have been easier for them to manage those areas since it’s closer to them. No one knew the Union was going to collapse. People who are born in Alaska are not the same people that are born in New York. If you already can’t see, Internationalism has failed and this is why North Korea, Cuba, Lao, Vietnam, and China have given up on it. These are the final communist states in the world. Let’s take a look at North Korea for a moment. They gave up the Soviet Idea and took Juche. That system works for THAT nation. Look at china, they did the exact same thing. Self-Interest for a nation is what keeps it alive, combine that with Communism, the perfect political system…we get the perfect nation. That’s why the Chinese are quickly catching up with the West. China isn’t expanding it’s borders. International Communism can’t adapt and change. National Communism CAN adapt and can be used in today’s world.


The Ukrainian SSR’s land remained largely unchanged from when the Ukrainian SSR, as an independent country, joined the USSR upon its formation in 1922. Crimea was transferred to it during the Krushchev era, and it gained part of Poland during WWII, but it was one of the original four republics of the USSR.

Juche isn’t exactly ‘working’ for the DPRK now, is it? If you actually believe that most Koreans would rather be on the North side suffering shortages than living in the South you’re delusional. You see people escaping North->South but not in the other direction, and that’s for a reason. And China is a Communist state in name, which doesn’t mean much. Is industry there truly controlled by workers councils? Of course not. So it’s not a Communist state.


The official and only party of China is the Communist Party of China. Yes it is communist. It isn’t the broken Internationalist Communist state that you want it to be. Also, when North Korea has trade embargos on there nation, theres no question there would be shortages in the 90’s. The SU collapsed, which was a major partner with them. Juche is working for Korea because if it didn’t, The DPRK would have been long gone as a nation, just like all the other Communist European nations. North Korea isn’t starving, they are just not eating as much as the typical American, and we all know how much the average American consumes. Starving people is a dangerous situation for any country and in history has lead to uprising. This hasn’t happened in North Korea. Maybe if you listen to Fox News or CNN more they can tell you all about the DPRK. After all they are living there right now and are reporting live from there.




It’s spam when Conservatives are not right. Oh wait, that happens a lot.


What is your definition of a Communist state then, if not one with workers control? The State controlling everything is not what Communism is about, according to Marx governments as we currently know them would dissolve anyway after global revolution and the achievement of world communism (which is what Marxist internationalism is).


The state is the workers. Also no, Karl Marx said the state would slowly dissolve and fade away. Why? Because it won’t be needed. A working Communist State is National Bolshevism. World Communism is the idea of a 1 flag, 1 nation, 1 empire idea. A world wide communist world is OKAY, but not under one flag. Each nation has culture, history etc. You can’t take that away.

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Lets restrict this to your ‘hello’ thread, we’re arguing the same thing in different parts of the forum. I’ll re-quote this post in that thread.


Pertaining to Hitler yes he was a great leader but he was a nutcase. Had he not been crazy then maybe Germany would have flourished into a great nation and took the leader, technologically, and became a superpower to match even America. But alas Hitler was Germany’s undoing.


Does this person think anyone anywhere will ever take someone who has nice things to say about Hitler seriously ever? Go back to the shadows where you like to play dress up and have delusions of grandeur.


Not exactly, but might as well be…

Already made my ignore list after the second post I read.


[quote=“JStang, post:17, topic:28759”]
Not exactly, but might as well be…

Already made my ignore list after the second post I read.
[/quote]he is not only trolling but is spamming the site with his own site and signature. The signature and avatar is meant to offend and I expect one of the mods will be banning this skinhead shortly.


“Blut und Ehre” (an SS motto) with the two Sig runes (the schutzstaffel symbol) are offensive. What are you talking about with ‘his own site’, though? I haven’t seen him promoting some blog of his as many spammers who come on the forum and are shortly banned do. The rest of the stuff in the signature is not offensive, it’s the symbolism of a modern Russian political party, the National Bolsheviks, who are anti-Nazi and are not xenophobes, they are actually one of the ‘real’ opposition parties (in Russia we have an ‘understanding’ (if i can use that word here) of ‘systematic’ and ‘non-systematic’ opposition, the ‘systematic’ ones being all of the major opposition parties, who are actually just there to support the facade of being a liberal democracy), the national-bolsheviks have actually barricaded government buildings and such in the past, they are good guys.

Also I don’t think he’s a troll, just as far as I understand it his ideology is a kind of weird mix of imperialism/fascism and Communism.

Not everything is ‘black and white’, on the surface Hitler actually did bring up the German economy, it may have stayed stabilized if it wasn’t geared in the first place for preparing for a new expansionist war, but that caused problems with the re-armament industry and plunder became necessary. The idea that Germany had the right to territory lost after WWI is also not one that is unsupportable, Germany lost Danzig and the Polish corridor which were still populated by Germans, and the people of Austria were forbidden by Versailles to join with Germany even though they mainly supported it. People should not be forced to live under a foreign flag and government, had Hitler stopped at taking land which was actually German-populated, and had he allowed the Anschluss to be conducted as a real democratic national referendum in Austria, I would actually think that to be righteous.

Don’t get me wrong, as a normal Russian person I fully detest Hitler, but there are legitimate arguments to be made for some of his initial actions. Obviously not the genocide, anti-Semitism and acquisition of lebensraum in places in the East of Europe that never belonged to Germany and were not populated by Germans, but the Weimar republic was not working viably and the people turned to radicalism as does happen in hard times.


I’d say “troll” (borderline, anyway), but I didn’t see a link to his/her (or any other) site; did I miss something?