'Affluenza teen' and mother traced in Mexico


‘Affluenza teen’ and mother traced in Mexico after ordering takeaway pizza

So for an an all who are aware of the travesty of justice they finally found this POS and his POS mother. If only they lived in some backwoods part of Texas. If history has taught me anything it is those that get away with murder tend not to live long in rural areas of the Lone Star State.


Never heard of “affluenza disease” before. Now there’s a new one: “I’m not guilty because I’m too RICH to know better.”


I heard today that they got a temporary reprieve from extradition, but I ger the impression that it’s temporary; it was the Mexican authorities who busted them in the first place.

It wasn’t murder; just manslaughter. The kid killed some people driving drunk.



Wonder how much of an initial sentence this yo-yo would have gotten IF, while drunk, he had shot these 4 or so folks???:fuming::fuming::fuming: