Afghan Taliban’s Reach Is Widest Since 2001, U.N. Says


The Talibaninsurgency has spread through more of Afghanistan than at any point since 2001, according to data compiled by the United Nations as well as interviews with numerous local officials in areas under threat.
In addition, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistanover the past two weeks has evacuated four of its 13 provincial offices around the country — the most it has ever done for security reasons — according to local officials in the affected areas.
The data, compiled in early September

obama has managed to completely reverse all progress made on our fight against terrorists. Afghanistan is now like we found it when we went in to find Bin Laden and Iraq is now even worse off than before with terrorists groups running around killing for what ever whim suits them at the moment.

We have spent billions and our country as well as others who went in have nothing to show but wasted lives and money. Because of obama’s war on America we were handicapped against fighting and told to let them do what ever they wanted. So what solutions have obama proposed? Yes you got it give more money to spread terrorism.

Russia has stepped in as well as a coalition of nations to try to rein in these murderous groups. obama is upset and now claims that his legacy all along was global warming.


Typical. These crazy warlords haven’t changed for the better over the last 1300 years.


I wonder what progress on terror that would be. As the Taliban startet they had a few hundred men, now we have approx 100.000 terrorists in the world. Every war, every bomb raises another couple of them, which is totally understandable. Imagine what you would do, living in Texas, if now and then someone would drop bombs on you and your family and tells you he is bringing you freedom and western truths.
I am rather surprised that we dont have more terrorists in the world, threatening our ways of living (which is on the back of the rest of the world, using their ressources, killing their people and selling our products to them).


So the evils of the world is all our fault, got it.


A majority of these terrorist are religious nutcases. Others fight simple to put food on the table(you can thank the terrorists for their deplorable conditions) the rest fight to avenge fallen loved ones and their culture demand revenge for the unjust slaying of a loved one regardless of right or wrong.


There would be no IS without the unrightful war of 2003. Quite easy to determine that if someone follows the facts.
F.e. if the US and their allies would have tried to stabilize Iraq with a ballanced government and not put schiites in power who right away suppressed all the sunnis, history would have taken a different way.


I didn’t know allowing a free election constituted a non-balanced government. But hey tell me more how we should have just told them who to elect as leaders.


A majority of them calls themselves religious, but many of those who went to Syria to fight (from all over Europe, Russia or the USA) arent real believers at all. Some are just there for the killing and the fun, some are looking for a goal in life. Of course they are not the answer for the muslim world, their leadership is looking for profits (which by the way “our” allies turkey and saudi-arabia are granting them by buying their oil or selling weapons to them or simply providing money), but they have a reasonable base where they can win more and more people for their cause.
We have to understand why more and more average people are following them. Its not enough to drop bombs on every problem that arises in the world. That never solved anything in the long run.


Thanks 0bama.


It’s what followed afterwards. In Europa after WW2 the USA provided safety and everything else that was necessary to leave the evil past behind and start a new society. In Iraq almost noone complained as the schiites went after their opponents. That can’t work out well as we see. At the very least Iran is not the big evil monster anymore, as most american politicians always called it to be. An important step, but I am afraid that will all be gone if the elections 2016 go your way. (By the way: I am no fan of Hillary Clinton at all)


I just told you why people are following them. They are not like us. To the religious nutcases they are doing “Gods” work. Thats how nutcases work. Their culture is where the West was 700 years ago.


Cruella - long time no read…


Should we hold everyone’s hand and coddle them? Maybe we should tell you how to run your country as well seeing its alliances in WWII. you know just in case it decides to rear it ugly head again.


I dont believe in easy answers for complex problems. People all over the world want to live in peace, thats a human habit. Arabs or muslims are not born with a war-gene or whatever. If people become violent there is at least one reason for that. If we don’t understand that reason, we will do the same mistakes over and over again. After fighting war after war with more and more turmoil in the world I would expect that people would learn to understand, that war is not the answer for evry problem.


Imagine where Europe would be now if it weren’t for the US.


First of all you shouldn’t have intervened at all in 2003 - or at least on a rightful basis and not changing the rules as you like it. Iraq had zero connections to Al-Quaeda, and everyone knew it. At least today Republicans concede that the WMD-story was nothing but a lie.
Putin intervenes in Ucraine - thats bad. USA intervenes in Iraq - thats good. This is really strange to understand.


And Russia of course, who had 20times the casualties of USA. But thats not really the topic here. Everyone is grateful of what the USA had done in WW2, but for the wars afterwards there are no real justifications but world control or control over ressources. At least bringing freedom only was a “show reason” for the media to dull the people.


That shows how little you know about it. I suppose they are teaching the same things in our public schools. It’s the socialist/communist line.

Edit: What “resources” were we after in Korea and Viet Nam?


There was never a time when the US “intervened” in a war with the sole purpose of taking control of the country in question. At least for the last 150 years or so, we have been the ONLY country without any “colonial” aspirations. We don’t “colonize” other countries. We provide some security for a few–notably South Korea and Eastern Europe–but ONLY when there’s a clear danger of a neighbor invading in force and then only by invitation. 2003 saw a RESUMPTION of hostilities towards Iraq. It was NOT a “separate” war from the 100 hours war of 1991–and it was undertaken for good and sufficient reasons for anyone not subject to the propaganda from the left that it was based on the “lie” of WMDs. If Bush “lied” about them, then every intel agency on the planet AND the President of Egypt and King of Jordan also “lied” about the identical things. Just how likely do you think that may be??? Putin didn’t “intervene” in the Ukraine. He seized CONTROL of Crimea and tried to do the same for about the remaining eastern 1/3rd of the Ukraine on the bogus idea that there were large segments of the population who were “ethnic Russian.”


You’re not listening. I am talking about the extremists not the Muslim population as a whole. You may lump them together I do not. religious nutcases are easy to understand. You are the only one fooling yourself into believing there is some complex problem for these sociopathic murders behavior.