Afghan Taliban’s Reach Is Widest Since 2001, U.N. Says


They would be speaking German or Russian were it not for the US.


The fact that muslims actually attacked our fledgling nation FIRST seems to be lost on our newest leftwinger/communist who apparently knows little of history here or in the world.


Sorry then I misunderstood you. Yes, we cant change the radicals anymore, but we could stop helping them with both our hands to create new followers day by day. People dont wake up some day and decide to become terrorists. There are reasons for that, and they are definitely not all rooted in their own history/society/religion.


How do you know this?


Well thats how different someone can see history. With all the interventions the USA already followed through long before 9/11 in most countries of the muslim world (either by supporting dictators or by bringing them to power) tehre were already many reasons planted to have distress with the american way of life. This doesnt make terrorism the right way to follow through (oh by the way I almost forgot to mention, who financed Al-Queda in the good old 80s during their war against russia ;), noone says that. But its important to understand for the future what errors we have made in the past. And it killing millions of innocent people in all the american wars is not a mistake, well then i am quite happy to not believe in christianity anymore, for that cant be a human way of thinking.


There are Al-Qaeda terrorists mass-murdering all over the world in places the US has had precious little to do with such as India for example.


From studying history. And from trying to look through the eyes of a muslim, who just lost his relatives after a western bombing raid, destroying his house, his country, his work. I guess, if that happens to someone, it changes him. Just as it changed the USA after 9/11. And as its always unfair to compair the numbers of casualties on every side, but if such a thing doesnt happen once in a lifetime but every few weeks, then i guess its even more distressing and hard to stay a reasonable, human person and love the west for its way of life.
Don’t you think ?


As i wrote above of course our actions are not the only reason. But they contribute. The west was always perfect in inciting powers against each other and make it look like as they all hated each other already.
We are not to blame for everything. I guess that i can concede. But we have definitely done alot more things wrong in all parts of the world than we did right.


The 9/11 bombers were upper middle class Saudi’s who didn’t have any of these problems. You are stereotyping Al Qaeda actually in a way which helps you put the blame on the USA.


Wrong! (Again!) I HAVE read the Q’uran and it’s a VERY militant book. Full of instructions to followers of Islam to “kill the infidels” and/or enslave them. You CANNOT be a good Muslim and NOT follow the dictates of the Q’uran–to the letter.


You may be speaking for Europe, but not for the US. As Pappadave mentioned, we have never colonized other countries. On the other hand, most countries of any note in Europe did that. Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain - at least those I’m certain of. Austria? Not sure but I think so - doesn’t it date back to the old Prussian Empire?

If we had intervened in these oil-rich countries for their resources, we would have set up a puppet government answerable to Washington, DC, or even put our own people in charge - to rule with a rod of iron.