African-Americans now want to change the National Anthem


I just saw a news story when African-Americans now want to change the National Anthem. Their argument is that one of the verses that is seldom heard makes negative comments about the slaves who fought for the British to gain their freedom.

What the issue really coming down to now, is that they figure change anything they want because opposing them is politically incorrect. It seems that everyone rolls over for them on every tradition there is, and since they are getting away with it, they are going to keep doing it. Until a number of people say “Enough!”

The liberal argument is that no one is ever supposed to be offended by anything. Their argument is that no minority is ever supposed to be offended, even if it involves bathroom that they use. I’d like to what the rules that make you “transgender.” Can you just get up in the morning and decide that you are wrong sex? Do you have to be a man and dress like a woman or vice versa? Do you have be on harmone therapy? Do you need to have had the transexual operation? It seems not, but what are the rules? Have the “progressives” defined them? Not from what I’ve heard.

I known I’ve rambled here, but just seems like it’s one thing after another.


****Star-Spangled Bigotry: The Hidden Racist History of the National Anthem

Star-Spangled Bigotry: The Hidden Racist History of the National Anthem

Petition · The Congressional Black Caucus: Change America’s …**


I am SO TIRED of PC crap!!! It’s like we have to cater to everybody & they keep wanting more & more.


Good grief, I just thought it referred to the enemy soldiers, that “hirelings and slaves” was used in a derogatory manner - implying that the whole British military were the “slaves” of King George.

And you rarely see that verse any more, either. Most copies have only three verses, leaving out that “offensive” third verse.


They started with the Confederate flag, now after the “Don’t tread on me”, now the Star Spangled Banner and the American Flag they want changed.

For futher understanding you might want to rent some movies, Charlton Heston was in the first one, about an astronaut that went forward in time…




Sendgop - I must take issue with your lead-in statement - “African Americans now want to change the National Anthem.” Your statement implies all AFs want this. On its face, that is obviously untrue - not all AFs want this. Assigning this view to AFs as a whole is a gross overstatement.

Just thought I’d mention this.


I just hope when they finally to change that song, they make it all lower case letters!


Unfortunately the image of African-Americans is painted by the liberal voting block of their group, which now up to 95% Democrat. It’s refreshing to find an African-Amerian who holds some conservative views, but they are a distinct minority. In fact African-Americans have become so committed to their support for the Democratic Party that they now have little bargaining power within the party. The Democrats can take their vote for granted.

And yes I used improper language when I wrote, “all.” I should have said, “most,” but to be frank having to parse your words constantly gets tiresome. I’m not running for president or anything else except Vice President of a local special interest club.


Your 1st paragraph in the above quote is accurate. As to your last sentence, I would point out accuracy is not “parsing” words.