African Anglicans Say Gay Bishops Affirmation 'Shatters Hopes of Reconciliation'


African Anglicans Say Gay Bishops Affirmation 'Shatters Hopes of Reconciliation’
By Stoyan Zaimov
Christian Post Reporter
January 10, 2013|12:25 pm

Anglican leaders in Africa have expressed their outrage over the Church of England’s decision to approve gay bishops in its order, saying that the decision could put an end to hopes of healing broken relationships in the Communion.

Archbishop Nicholas Okoh of Nigeria, one of the world’s largest provinces of the Anglican Communion with 17 million members, said that the affirmation of gay bishops “could very well shatter whatever hopes we had for healing and reconciliation within our beloved Communion,” Reuters reported.

Okoh added that the Church of England has given into “the contemporary idols of secularism and moral expediency,” and that it is “one step removed from the moral precipice we have already witnessed in The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church in Canada.”

The latest in the Anglican communion’s gradual splitting of those who would follow Christ and those who would follow what modern culture says they should be.