After 'Best Weeks Ever,' Clinton Trails Carson, Rubio, Christie, Cruz


And how is that playing out in the latest batch of polling? She’s certainly pulled decisively ahead in the Democratic primary, as her remaining “rivals” aren’t serious about beating her. But in a general election setting, she’s stagnant. NBC/WSJ’s Democrat-friendly series shows Hillary Clinton tied with Ben Carsonand nursing a margin-of-error lead over Marco Rubio – though she tops Donald Trump by a comfortable margin. Quinnipiac’s latest looks worse for her:Carson 50, Clinton 40 (-10)

Rubio 46, Clinton 41 (-5)

Christie 46, Clinton 41 (-5)

Cruz 46, Clinton 43** (-3) **

Clinton 46, Trump 43 **(+3)



-10 against Carson is pretty significant but I suspect Carson will fade pretty quickly.**


Key takeaway is that if Trump is the nominee, we lose. As obnoxious and amoral as Hillary is, Trump’s got her topped.


Trump has got some work to do if he would win the general but who knows…after 8 years of Obama folks might be ready for anything or so they think!


I’d like to think so, but demographics are fast changing in a way that doesn’t help us - especially if we nominate a candidate who goes out of his way to insult women and Hispanics.


Still within the margin of error.
Man, you sure got it bad. Amazing that you could spend so much energy trying to convince us to vote McLame, and Romney, discounting our concerns and reservations, and then completely lose your mind with regards to a Republican’t candidate NOT to your liking. That is the height of hypocrisy.
Why don’t you follow your own advice, and vote against your beliefs, as you needled us to do, to show your solidarity. I mean, if your words could ever be taken seriously again, you MUST join the “coalition” of voters and vote for Trump, regardless of what you think of him. Heck, when we had the same argument, we were bunker dwellers, Bible Thumpers, etc. You castigated and disparaged us with gusto.
Typical of liberals to say one thing for others, and something different for yourself. Nancy Pelosi would be proud.


By 3%. Don’t overlook the fact that she was beating Trump by over 14% just a month or so ago.


Trump is no Republican, and no conservative. I disagree profoundly with Cruz, but yeah, I’d show solidarity and vote for him in the general. Trump is different, and I don’t give a damn about your views of my “hypocrisy”. I’d rather be a “hypocrite” than a good German.


Well, in the world I was raised in, a hypocrite is just below thief, and liar.
I guess everyone here can now see that your words are empty, and worthless to convey any truth.


I posted this earlier, it is a startling change of events. The good news is that the Republicans have made major inroads. What can this be attributed to?

In my opinion, the vast number of candidates has in many ways shone a light on the diverse opinions but as the last debate proved there is at least some solidarity in all of the candidates desire to improve America. Furthermore, the fact that Hillary has been given softballs and avoided oppositions in the debate has worked against her. Indeed, she avoided a female Democrat who was supposed to be in the debate but was kicked out as she apparently wasn’t willing to play nice with Hillary. To Wolf Blitzers credit, maybe the toughest and most honourable of the CNN reporters, he called the Democrat debate coordinator (or whatever her title is) out on the issue. She was stumbling with her answers, clearly showing her bias in protecting her. Consider that Sanders was almost drooling over her during the debate and voters probably felt they were being treated like schoolkids. It wasn’t a debate, it was a lengthy political ad for Clinton.

Clinton has really disappointed me with her staunch position on the TPP deal, especially considering most of the details haven’t even been released, though enough has been leaked. One of the best positions Obama and his team have taken is on such a trade deal, seven years of tough negotiations by multiple countries and Hillary flippantly tried to brush it off. Quite irresponsible if you ask me.


Well said. RINO hypocrisy that is obvious to all except the ones exhibiting it.


Don’t waste your time trying to convince it of the obvious.


I think you misunderstand the meaning of “hypocrisy”. I’ve never suggested that you don’t have the right to vote for whoever the hell you like, or to stay home on election day. That is your absolute right. I’ve only suggested that your actions have consequences - and those conservatives who stayed home on election day rather than sully their consciences to vote for an “imperfect” Romney or McCain need to take responsibility for their actions. They are part of the reason for these past eight disasterous years, and as far as I’m concerned such fools both own the consequences and have no moral authority to criticize the President THEY enabled.

Those conservatives who stayed home copped out. That’s what I disrespect. I have no intention of copping out. I’m a main street conservative, not the social conservative variety. Cruz is not my cup of tea. But I will support him if he’s the nominee, same as I will for any of the others, because solidarity IS a virtue, and the consequences of selfishness have been visited on the millions of conservatives too ego-driven to vote against Obama.

The only exception for me is Trump. If Trump is the nominee I will not stay home, and I will not vote third party. I will cast a vote to defeat Donald Trump. He is the greater evil and I will not be a good German.


That is so much horse hockey. You called us names, blamed us for Romney’s lousy performance, and accused us of effectively voting for Obozo. You told us it was our duty to support the GOP. We told you we would support an alternative should a conservative be presented to us, but you claimed that the nominee was chosen and that it was our obligation to support that candidate.
Now, when the shoe is on the other foot, that changes. Our objections to your candidates was met with vitriolic accusation and venom. Your objection to Trump is no different, except now, you feel our side. But you act like your position is right, and ours was wrong, and THAT is hypocrisy. Heck, I am not registered Republican, and you castigated me for voting other than Romney. You, however are still a registered Republican.
Most of us did not stay home, we merely voted other than the GOP candidate. Now, your words come back to haunt you. It is your obligation to the GOP, as that “loyal Republican since Goldwater” that you claimed to be, to support your party’s nominee.


You DID effectively vote for Obama. For that, I do not respect you, and consider you to have no moral authority to criticize the consequences of the choice YOU made. If it turns out that Trump is the nominee, and I vote to help defeat him because he’s a bigot and a demogogue, then you can disrespect me and hang on me the consequences of a Clinton Presidency. I accept those consequences. That’s why I’m not a hypocrite.


I guess it is you who doesn’t understand the term.
Telling people they should do something, and then doing something different, yourself, is the classic definition of hypocrisy. Taking the heat for your decision does not absolve you from hypocrisy. You told us we had the duty to vote Republican’t, even if we were registered Independent. Then you, a “Loyal Republican since Goldwater”, choose to do exactly what you castigated us for. Say one thing, do another. What else would you call that, but hypocritical?
Amazing. Not surprising, but still, amazing.


You told us we had the duty to vote Republican’t, even if we were registered Independent

Your refusal to take responsibility for the consequences of your actions/inactions is what I dispise. I will take full responsibility if I must vote to help defeat Trump.


What part of “I am not a Republican”, do you not get? Do you castigate Democrats for not voting for Republicans? I have zero duty to vote Republican. I will if I choose to. If not, so be it.
YOU on the other hand, ARE a Pubbie. You have more duty to vote Republican, than I do.
My State went for Romney. My vote was irrelevant. It was obvious that NC was a Romney State, months before the election. I used that as an opportunity to express my feelings for the GOP choice of non candidate, Romney. He was a loser, who shot himself in the foot. Voters did not tell him to be caught on tape disparaging the 47%. Voters did not convince him to be a milque sop and not hold Oblamma to task. Voters did not tell him to refuse to fight for them. He lost on his own.
So, your self interest means nothing to you? You harped at us about voting against our self interest, and now, once again, you do the same that you insulted us for. Hypocrisy? I believe so.
I did not vote to enable Obozo. My state was a lock for the GOP. Hillary will carry your state, without your vote. You willingly support Hillary, while I voted against the State’s chosen candidate. I did not support Obama, I merely opposed the guy my state already chose to support. My state opposed Obozo. Your state supports Hillary. See the difference? Probably not.
Oh well. Cannot cause the blind to see. That is God’s job. Good luck.


And yet, there you were a couple of years ago castigating some of US for NOT being “good Germans,” and voting for someone we found to be unacceptable. Strange, huh?


Also, of note, is that Jazz’s state will undoubtedly vote to elect either Hillary or Sanders–REGARDLESS of who the GOP nominates. They will probably do so because Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Harrisburg, Erie, et al, ALL get the preponderance of their “news” from the NYC media and rarely, if ever, hear or see much of ANYTHING that’s not “progressive.”


Could be, but why isn’t really an issue.
The fact that Penn will go for the liberals, is a given. Where else could a liberal like Jazzhead think he is a conservative.
But knowing that, he still chooses to vote for the Dem over Trump. when I voted other than Romney, I knew my state was in Romney’s column, so I didn’t help the Dems, at all. He on the other hand…