After GoFundMe Bans Kyle Rittenhouse Campaign, Christian Crowdfunding Site Raises Nearly $300,000

After GoFundMe Bans Kyle Rittenhouse Campaign, Christian Crowdfunding Site Raises Nearly $300,000 - National File

A fundraiser on Christian crowdfunding website GiveSendGo has raised nearly $300,000 for Kyle Rittenhouse, the alleged Kenosha, Wisconsin shooter who police say killed two rioters and maimed a third as violence continued in the city last week.

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The media has already lined up to lynch him. They keep showing the edited portion when he is on the pavement. That’s actually the easier shooting to defend. It’s the first that will determine what happens.

I rooting for the liars in the media to get a “big manure sandwich” to eat.

In the mean time, the Portland demonstrators were out raising hell and setting fires in front of the mayor’s house again last night asking for him to resign. That mayor as gone out his way to defend them and keep the National Guard out of the city. He’s dumber than Biden, and I didn’t think I’d ever think of another Democrat who is holding public office.

If the Democrats think that they can control this rabble, they are delusional. These people are at least revolutionary want-to-bees as long they aren’t facing anybody with real guns who know how to use them. I could see this crowd setting bombs around the country if Trump wins the election.

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Trump need to pardon him. That will drive them insane.

God only know what they will do, assuming he can win through all their cheating and election fraud

He won’t even pardon Flynn and Snowden, so I wouldn’t count on it.

Rittenhouse isn’t charged with a federal crime (yet). I’m unsure if the President can legally “pardon” someone for a State crime. If he were charged with BOTH a State and Federal crime and issued a pardon, it would have the EFFECT of pardoning him for both, however. I could be wrong about this.

If Trump loses, he will pardon Flynn for sure. Snowden might be another matter.

I think he will

I gave $50

Actually, he’s waiting for the charges to be dropped–as they SHOULD be. That way, there’s no NEED for a pardon. Issuing a pardon presupposes that the pardonee was guilty of something and had to be exonerated by a pardon. Flynn wasn’t guilty of ANYTHING and the PROPER course of action is for the charges to be simply dropped.

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Good point

I’ve always seen it as the opposite. It is extended due to a miscarriage of justice.