After Raiding Pro-life Activist's Home, California AG Pressured To Resign


Pro-life groups are demanding California Attorney General Kamala Harris resign her post and end her bid for the Senate after her office stormed into the home of pro-life activist and journalist David Daleiden on Tuesday. They were searching for his undercover Planned Parenthood videos exposing the organization’s inhumane treatment of unborn babies.
Harris, who became attorney general thanks in part to Planned Parenthood’s support, has an all too apparent bias in favor of the pro-abortion organization. It’s no wonder then that she wanted to conceal any evidence that proves it is a money hungry business that only feigns to support women’s health. After Harris’ search and seizure, pro-life groups want her out of the public square.
The Susan B. Anthony List was one of the first to demand Harris’ letter of resignation.

After Raiding Pro-life Activist’s Home, California AG Pressured To Resign - Cortney O’Brien

The last few years I have seen many instances where people are accused and arrested based on political reasons rather than actual wrongs. Even the police have come under fire for political reasons with DAs bent on forwarding an agenda to undermine and smear.

Panned Parenthood has been caught several times with their pants down and politicians refuse to acknowledge or even view the proof. Politicians decide to go after people only to have their grievance to be found wrong with te result that the true objective is to capture the minds of those uninformed to parrot the supposed evil.