AG Sessions Says Rosenstein Can Investigate Himself in Uraniam One Scandal



I’m at a loss!?

Can you imagine Eric Holder or Lynch saying this?

Go to 1:20 of the video to see why folks are outraged!
(Well, sane folks anyway)


What in the world is up with this guy Sessions?

There was a time when I thought it was premature to judge this . . . idiot. No more.

What . . . Rosenstein is such a “man of integrity” that he’s going to prosecute himself?

C’mon Sessions . . . are you really that stupid and naive?

Trump needs to cashier this moron and get somebody in there with some cahones!

Geezzzz . . . if Trump can’t see that this Sessions clown is the wrong guy for the job, then Trump IS THE WRONG GUY FOR THE JOB.


(almost) unbelievable.

Mark Simone nailed it this morning on WOR: “Rodger Goodell is the Jeff Sessions of the NFL.” They both need to go. I’m sure Trump sees Sessions as his biggest mistake. The blowback from the media, the left and the GOP establishment (who all formerly hated Sessions) would be tremendous.

Sessions was a very early Trump supporter. Was it only to secure the AG position? Does he now see his job security as enhanced by kowtowing to the Trump haters? Craven or devious?