Again, U.S. ready to "reach out" to North Korea....


Yeah, let’s reach out to them. Let’s TALK… Kerry is an idiot of monumental extremes. To be honest, I think N. Korea should bomb the crap out of us just for being so stupid…

Kerry in Japan: US ready to ‘reach out’ to North Korea - World News


Ah North Korea, they think they’re relevant.


And we TREAT them as if they are.
NOW we are saying…“if you stop your tantrums…we have goodies for you”.
What happens when you do this with a kid?


We are going to pay for “reaching out” again in an attempt to “be nice” and hope they’ll reward us with being nice back.


North Korea Rebuffs Talks As A 'Crafty Trick’

1:45pm UK, Sunday 14 April 2013

North Korea has rejected the South’s call to negotiate to resolve the nuclear crisis, calling it a “crafty trick”.

The development came as US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Japan for the last leg of his four-day Asia tour aimed at reining in Pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions.

South Korea last week urged the North to discuss stalled operations at a joint factory complex and other issues.

But an unidentified spokesman at the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea said on Sunday that Pyongyang had no intention of talking with Seoul unless it abandoned its confrontational posture.

NoKo is a past master of extracting food and such from the West and SoKo by rattling their sabers. I guess SecState Kerry isn’t offering enough goodies yet to buy them off.


It’s not as if the treasonous sob doesn’t have experience in ‘reaching out’ to our enemies.
Scumbag ought to be in Levenworth, but no, in our country we run the treasonous for President, and appoint them Secretaries of State.