Age And Unemployment Benefits

I have a friend who is losing her employment because her company is going out of business, here in Virginia.
A major grocery chain that she has worked at for over twenty-five years.

My friend is in her 70’s and will probably find it impossible to find employment … due to her age after her store closes.
(The ‘unspoken’, “Too old” problem that a lot of senior citizens encounter)

My friend would like to collect unemployment but at the same time prepare to move into retirement.

Most states require that you actively seek employment when collecting benefits ‘If’ you are able bodied and are willing to take a job.
At 77 years of age my friend just doesn’t have the energy to go through the job market anymore.

My question: Should my friend forget about applying for unemployment benefits or to put it another way … would they turn her down anyway for not being “able bodied” due to age?

She is not looking for a handout, just help for the short term as she adjusts to never working again after all these years.
(In other words, she is going to take a really big hit on her financial situation)

I can’t find any information on UE benefits and age on the Virginia sites!


“Actively seeking employment” employment these days largely means sending out resumes’ and/or filling out and submitting job applications, mostly or entirely online. And the searching for openings would also be largely online, on sites like or companies’ websites (I don’t know if I’ve used newspaper want-ads since 1998 or 2002. And going for interviews, of course (in my 2001-2002 job search there was a 6-7 month spell when I had zero interviews and was also collecting UE).