Air Force Vet Calls Out Biden to His Face!

Air Force Vet Calls Out Biden to His Face!

That is awesome. Look a Bidens face. he fucker is senile

Biden’s son died of brain cancer; he did not die in the war. The other son is making a fortune by dealing with our enemies. This story needs to be told. The Biden family is getting very rich because of his undue influence while in office.

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100% correct sir

Ivanka, Jared, Eric and Don Jnr are just very fine people though, am I right? Also, when did swearing become a thing in this forum? Because I could teach all of you lot a thing or two about swearing.

Thats right.

Do you need a safe space?

Teach on MacDuff, Maybe your swearing will be better that your stupid posts.

Yah, that’s right asswipe, I read some of your ignorant posts, especially this one:

Pretty sure you are the worthless cunt of a human being who needs a safe space, you fucking worthless cunt…

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LOL. Is that all you have? One word over and over? Rookie. Give your mommy back her computer kiddo. The adults are talking here.

As I tried to make the point elsewhere, we a stronger if we let them make enough rope to hang themselves. @csbrown28 support the senile old man for president. It’s a loser’s game, but he seems bent on playing it.

@csbrown28 is demonic, possessed by evil. I do not think he is playing, he is doing what his father The Father of Lies bred him to do: Lie.

Then he will be exposed, and that will be to our benefit. Why fight with me?

I’m not. I believe at one point I tried to exit when I said “We shall agree to disagree my friend”. But then you accused me of Leftist MO.

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