Al Jazeera comes to America


Speaks for it’s self. From the Blaze, the link is fighting me copying and pasting.

Late Wednesday, Brian Stelter with the New York Times broke the news that Al Jazeera would be acquiring progressive cable news network Current TV. Al Jazeera had been seeking entry into the U.S. market, and the deal will allow them to put their own programming on in place of Current on televisions across the country. But the Wall Street Journal has uncovered an interesting piece of information: Glenn Beck and TheBlaze TV tried to purchase the network and were rejected.

The Wall Street Journal reports:
Mr. Hyatt said they agreed to sell to Al Jazeera in part because “Al Jazeera was founded with the same goals we had for Current,” including “to give voice to those whose voices are not typically heard” and “to speak truth to power.” Other suitors who didn’t share Current’s ideology were rebuffed. Glenn Beck’s The Blaze approached Current about buying the channel last year, but was told that “the legacy of who the network goes to is important to us and we are sensitive to networks not aligned with our point of view,” according to a person familiar with the negotiations.
Based on Hyatt’s quote, the owners of Current TV didn’t want Glenn to purchase Current TV and put TheBlaze in millions of home across the country because they didn’t agree with his point of view. They must not feel the same way about Al Jazeera, a news organization that ran an op-ed comparing Glenn to a terrorist.

Did Glenn try to buy Current TV? – Glenn Beck


Great! The Liberals will have another propaganda media outlet.


Current TV has been around for several years, and was AlGore’s failed venture. So Libs/Progs aren’t gaining anything in this sale. OTOH, A-J will likely bring a certain audience segment to Current it may not already have had. Whether it will be economically viable or a moneypit that forces A-J to choose between subsidizing a money-losing propaganda outlet or stopping the hemorrhage of $$ remains to be seen.


YEP AG won again, eh? He still owned it, he sold it to AJ and not to Glenn beck, kinda tells you where he is at politically, doesn’t it.


Al Jazeera is a PROPAGANDA outlet for islam.


Here’s their page at the moment:

Please point out the Islamic propaganda. Thanks.


YEP AG won again, eh? He still owned it, he sold it to AJ and not to Glenn beck, kinda tells you where he is at politically, doesn’t it.

Well if taking a multi-million-dollar bath (probably mostly investors like Joel Hyatt) is a victory … and if A-J’s offer was lower than Glenn Beck’s, that could trigger legal proceedings with creditors and/or other investors. POTOH, if A-J met or exceeded Beck’s offer/terms. then Current was theirs to sell as they chose, right? Their property?

Al Jazeera is a PROPAGANDA outlet for islam.

I think I said almost the same thing, nat: "a money-losing propaganda outlet ". But it means there are some cross-purposes between AlGore, et al and A-J, purposes that could take Current in a very un-Progressive direction.

Jebby, do you really think A-J would have a banner on their home page like:

**Welcome to Your One Source for Islamic Propaganda!

Kill the Infidels!!

God is Great!!!**

A-J’s propaganda takes a less obviously malignant form, with stories such as this one (see the list in paragraph 3 of propaganda outlets pushing the story … A-J is one of them).


Since I know that you’re smart enough to know that a single screen shot in no way proves innocence, this is nothing but BS on your part.

Er, I think you meant Trekky, not Jebby.


The website says that, and then doesn’t give a source. I found this article. And Israel has admitted that this has happened in the past, in the 1990s, but hasn’t happened in a while, so this isn’t some baseless claim of pure defamation—there is fact behind it.

But I can’t find any articles on the subject that are propaganda. The only ones I can find about Israeli organ harvesting are like this one: reporting facts, not speculation. Regarding political cartoons, if you’re going to judge their journalistic integrity on cartoons, that would mean almost every news organization would have a bias. Better still, the bias changes from day to day depending on the cartoon! (Which haven’t been updated since 2008, and I’m not even sure are hosted on the site anymore. In any case, I can’t find the organ harvesting cartoon, so I don’t think it was Al Jazeera.)

Al Jazeera is a respected news organization that happens to be in the Middle East. When studying controversies surrounding Al Jazeera, many claim it is anti-Israel, and does that surprise you? A mainly Arabic news organization reporting in the Middle East being accused by Israel of not being pro-Israel enough? The shock. Israel does this all the time, as do its allies. Any criticism of Israel is labelled anti-Semitism when it is simply not.

Moreover, the U.S. claims an anti-American bias, the Russians claim Al Jazeera is too pro-American. Other controversies read the same way. Al Jazeera reports something negative, and people claim that it is a bias against them. In any case, the evidence for it being a propaganda machine is slim to none. Biased, maybe if not probably, but every news organization has a bias. But propaganda? No.


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Remember when Helen Thomas asked Donald Rumsfeld, “Who should we trust, you or Al Jezeera?” Implication was that she would prefer to trust Al Jazeera.


It has one of them
muslom names!! It must be radical terrist news!!


Trekky, as usual, gets it wrong. Al Jazeera is not a respected news organization. It desires to become a respected news organization. We’ll see.

There’s a certain beautiful irony in their purchase of Current TV for $500 million of which a reported $100 million went to climate change warrior Al Gore, given that the purchase was funded by Qatar petro-dollars.

They’re not off to a good start. One of the few outs cable companies have on their contracts with non-performing TV networks is change of ownership. Current TV averages around 40,000 viewers per day and Time-Warner Cable dumped the channel mere hours after the deal became finalized. You can put anything you want on TV, but it’ll only stay there if it gets ratings.

Personally, I was so looking forward to seeing Jennifer Granholm in a burka…


1999 Prince Claus Award for “Creating Spaces of Freedom”, in Amsterdam
In December 1999, Ibn Rushd (Averoes) Fund for Freedom of Thought in Berlin awarded the “Ibn Rushd Award” for media and journalism for the year to Al Jazeera.
In March 2003, Al Jazeera was awarded by Index on Censorship for its "courage in circumventing censorship and contributing to the free exchange of information in the Arab world."
In April 2004, the Webby Awards nominated Al Jazeera as one of the five best news Web sites, along with BBC News, National Geographic, RocketNews and The Smoking Gun. According to Tifanny Schlain, the founder of the Webby Awards, this caused a controversy as [other media organisations] “felt it was a risk-taking site”.
In 2004, Al Jazeera was voted by readers as the fifth most influential global brand behind Apple Computer, Google, Ikea and Starbucks.
During the 2011 Egyptian protests, the online magazine wrote that “Al Jazeera’s Egypt coverage embarrasses U.S. cable news channels.”, and WikiLeaks commented on their Twitter feed that “Yes, we may have helped Tunisia, Egypt. But let us not forget the elephant in the room: Al Jazeera + sat dishes”.

On 4 March 2011, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that Al Jazeera provided more informative news coverage than the opinion-driven coverage of American mass media. Most American media outlets declined comment. Michael Clemente of Fox News called the comments “curious”, while not directly refuting them.

Secretary Clinton’s remarks contrast dramatically to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s complaints of bias early in the previous decade.

When I look at the American news media and how much drivel they spit out, and then compare it to what is on the front page of Al Jazeera, there’s just no comparison. Al Jazeera has more informative news than many American news media, and it shows.


You’re correct, Trek. It’s the New York Times of the Middle East.


What is a respected new organization?


Ironic that Al “Global Warming” Gore is taking oil money for his TV channel. Like the old saying goes, everyone has a price.


And to be hyperbolic about it, his is thirty pieces of silver…


It is not a an outlet for radical Muslim terrorism because of its name. It is an outlet for radical Muslim terrorism because of its way of reporting.

Of course, this post wil be a complete waste of time wrt your ability to comprehend that statement.


I comprehend it fine. I just disagree. I’m not an idiot, you all just don’t like my views.