Al Jazeera


For those who haven’t heard, the Middle Eastern network communication wing of the radical Left, Al Jazeera, is ceasing broadcast operations in the United States effective April 30.

I am pleased that after that date I will no longer have to view the Bullsh*t logo of their pretend news station as I channel surf the vast wasteland we call television.


Yep, saw this last night. Excellent news!



Aw, I’m so devastated!


Just another example of how well the Marketplace works, if we defunded the Public Broadcasting Network they would travel down the same path that this propaganda cesspool followed.


It seems to me AT&T just recently added them to their programing


Hey Aljazeera!

Don’t let the door hit you on the a$$ on your way out.


Which one? Al Jihadists or PBS?

FWIW, probably like most of you, I was very disturbed to see Al Jaheera broadcasting out of its very own network right here in the USA.
And to think, the FCC wants to get its controlling little mitts all over the internet. Makes a guy feel downright warm and fuzzy all over, doesn’t it?


Good riddance!

Err America died several years ago, HuffPost Live was stillborn, ***MesS***NBC is a ratings zombie, and Al Jazeera America’s euthanization has been scheduled … looks like there’s not much of a market in the US for America-bashing.

BTW, His Corpulency Ed Schultz, cancelled last July by ***MesS***NBC, is moving to Russia Today.


I wish it worked as well with the big three…


RET’s point is precisely correct - marketplace competition works when picking winners and losers.


All I know was I saw it when I was flipping through channels looking for something to watch. I did not bother to look at the station and remembered it because it pissed me off. Everytime I turn around AT&T wants to jack my rates.

I did not appreciate them adding it as well.


Can’t think of what, specifically, at the moment, but I’ve seen AT&T promote some things that I’ve taken a very dim view of.
But you didn’t answer my question. Was AT&T promoting the Al Jazeera network, or PBS? It wouldn’t surprise me if it was both, but which one are you referring to?

Like you, I only saw the Al Jazeera station while channel surfing. And, like you, was taken aback and kept on going. It might serve us well to learn just who their promoters are. (Tough as it will be to click on that channel. Ugh.) Sure, that network will soon be gone, but their promoters won’t be.

*Thankfully, I don’t have to deal w/AT&T. Don’t you have a choice?


I was just channel surfing and saw the channel.


Wow! Ed has finally found his station in life. He and his co-workers can reminisce about the good old days of the Soviet Union.


Comcast has them, AND has them in “On Demand”, but they don’t have Fox News in “On Demand.”

If any of you use Comcast, you should complain that Fox News is the only news not in On Demand.