Alabama Senate approves measure to ban all abortions


It seems the Alabama senate has approved a measure which will ban all abortions except in cases where the mother’s life is at risk. This is the opening for Roe v. Wade to be banned by the Supremes. Of course, we have New York which sees fit to murder unborn babies up to and including birth.

This is wonderful news for this country. Perhaps it will mean a “show down” between darkness and Light.

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The problem, as I understand it, is that Roberts is a questionable vote for overturning R v W.


Hollywood is sure having a panty wadding fit over this. Since when did they care about what happens in Alabama. Southerners, especially, Alabamians are portrayed as inbred, ignorant sluts and rednecks. and Gaga sends her thoughts and prayers which Cory Booker just called BS last week. they lack no sense but consistency is missing too. Twatwaffles.


I will be the skunk in the room and tell you that this bad politics.

First, it bans abortions for women who are victims of rape and incest. That is just plain immoral. No woman should be asked to bear a child under those circumstances.

Second, it will galvanize the liberal left to come out and vote, even the “soft liberal left.” My wife, who is a solid Republican, it totally angry about this law. This will get many Democrats to polls and could blow up in our faces, just like the Alabama special Senate race which had a “safe seat” go to Democrat, Doug Jones.

I predict that Chief Justice Roberts will be the swing vote that kills this repeal of Roe vs. Wade in the Supreme Court. Just as he did with Obama Care, this justice will be the one who will thwart a conservative initiative. If this overreaching bill is the one that gets knocked down, I will have to applaud that decision.


What happens if Roe gets “knocked down?” Things go back to where they were PRIOR to Roe wherein each State decides for itself whether or not it wants to approve of infanticide. Ever read the 10th Amendment???


The poor women who are victims of rape or incest will have go New York or some other state where abortions are legal. The Alabama law goes too far, it will hurt the anti-abortion movement and perhaps the whole conservative movement if helps get one of the 23 and counting Democrats elected president.


This is one of the rare instances where I disagree with you. The bottom line here is the life of the unborn human baby. Is it the child’s fault that a woman became pregnant after a rape or being sexually abused by a family member? Of course not. That child, no matter how it was conceived, has a right to life. I have known a number of women who became pregnant after a rape or incest yet had the baby. (I used to volunteer at a pregnancy crisis clinic.) A few chose to adopt their babies out, but most decide to keep the baby. A horrible situation indeed. But is it the child’s fault? Is that life any less valuable than other unborn human babies? We have to look at this issue with clarity and intelligence. And our hearts for both innocent victims. God has a reason for every single soul even those who come into the world in horrible situations. I know this is very hard to swallow for most people–and it was for me, too. But eventually I realized that making a horrific situation worse by aborting the innocent child is no answer.


I agree that it is bad politics, especially the timing BUT I can not fault people for trying to save lives sooner rather than later.

I agree here too, BUT, as I understand it, the bill was designed to force it to the Supreme Court and confront Roe head on. The governor stated that they will consider limitations if the law is affirmed.

Win or lose in the high court the hardcore pro-choice left will be galvanized. If Roe is struck down will some single issue pro-life voters still show up?

I’ll bet a dollar to a donut that the law is struck down with Roberts voting with the liberals. This will only reinforce Roe as stare decisis and make future challenges more difficult.

Although a majority of Americand strongly oppose late term abortion and infanticide, most support the rape and incest clauses and VERY early abortions. This is a “gift” issue given to the D’s who have essentially nothing to run on.


Some Alabama official noted that few if any of the threatened boycotters ever did business in Alabama.

Flatly disagree. Tell God that morally speaking, that child should die for the sake of the trauma of the woman. And the fact is that it doesn’t relieve the trauma; it compounds it, because unless they have no sense of morality at all, I firmly believe that all women who have had an abortion have the sense- conscious or not, admitted or not- that they killed their baby, and not just a “blob of tissue.” In other words, she is victimized twice; first by the rapist, second by the abortion industry.

You think the hard left weren’t already galvanized in the 2018 election? They managed to see more or less of a draw in a situation (first midterm after a new President) that normally results in seats going to the opposing party. This doesn’t concern me overmuch. The Roberts issue is the only one that does.


Just curious, how many of you support the death sentence?

I see the term “murder” thrown around when talking about abortion and I don’t think it’s a stretch to consider the murder of a baby one of the most heinous acts a person can commit.

If a state bans abortion on the grounds that it’s murder, would you support the death penalty?

Far from hyperbole, this is actually being debated in states like Texas…

Can you see the hypocrisy here?

How far away from stoning women to death who have abortions?


I do support the death penalty, but only in a limited number of cases. For example, I thought that Timothy MacVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, got exactly what he deserved. That goes for other terrorists who are guilty of indiscriminate acts of murder. The surviving Boston Marathon bomber would not be getting to vote as Crazy Bennie Sanders advocates. He would be six feet under. I also support it for serial killers who simply kill people at random on premeditated basis.

My tolerance for withholding the death penalty was severely tested here in Florida. Recently a father got life for throwing his 5 year old daughter off a bridge. He tried to cop an insanity plea, but the jury didn’t buy it. As it turned out he did it due to a custody case. If he couldn’t get custody of her then he was not going to let the mother have her. Though out the trial, I felt like saying, “Hook him up to old sparky!”


Another question for the pro-life group…

Clearly most of the people here are anti-abortion, but how do you feel about making birth control much more widely and cheaply available, and support educational programs that advocate its safe and effective use? Wouldn’t this lead to fewer unwanted pregnancies and therefore fewer abortions — and all without challenging the constitutional rights of women or depriving them of access to vitally important medical services?


this is true…and i’d like to see stats on the incest and rape claim.
This is what is true. More women use it as a means of birth control.


Maybe if women, especially poor women were given inexpensive access to birth control without barriers, more women would use birth control as a means of birth control.


Just how more inexpensive than “free” can it be???


Currently there are 9 states (not surprisingly all blue states) that offer free access to BC (leaving 41 states where women don’t have free access). With Republican repeals of Obamacare and de-funding of Planned Parenthood, access to free or inexpensive BC is declining.

If saving the unborn from death is really the goal, then funding of these sorts of programs should be paramount.


I am all for expanded availability of birth control. It is a reasonable and far more humane approach than abortion. Sexuality between consenting adults is not something that can controlled by absence. Like it or not, raising child is an expensive and difficult process. Family planning is good for the welfare of the family unit and the community as a whole.


well you know csbrown. You don’t have to have sex with every tom dick and harry do ya? If you don’t want to have a baby then how 'bout just NOT HAVE SEX. And really, it’s better for your health, your reputation, your finances, YOUR LIFE if you put it off til you’re MARRIED. oh…but that isn’t what the left wants is it? women think they need to act like randy men. and you see where that’s got us.


I guess you’re gonna have to give them $$ along with the bc and then stand there with them to make sure they use it.


Wait, we went from caring about the lives of unborn children, now to telling people what they can and cannot do?

You need to get your priorities straight.

As far as sex before marriage being “unhealthy”, bad for your rep and finances. Can you find anything other than anecdotal examples of that? No. There are lots of people who have lots of sex with lots of people before they are married and turn out just fine, ergo, pre-marital sex doesn’t cause any of the problems you listed, though people that have pre-marital sex can have some or all of the problems you listed.

Having access to contraception doesn’t make you slut any more than having access to food makes you fat or access to firearms makes you a serial killer.

Seriously, we’re not in the 1950’s anymore.