Alabama Senate approves measure to ban all abortions


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That’s not what I’m hearing; I’m hearing that abstinance-based sex ed reduces the number to teen births.


Here’s the best evidence I can find that says your wrong…

This chart is even more telling and relevant to the conversation…

The first chart above shows that as abstinence education levels increase the trend are higher levels of teenage pregnancy, There are several states that not only have the highest level of abstinence education but also some of the highest levels of religiosity which means that, not only was abstinence taught in schools, but it was part of the religious culture that pervades those states and yet the teen birth rate was higher.

In all the states but 1 state NV (where I’d argue Las Vegas and the culture there skews the numbers for the whole state) where there is no abstinence education have generally lower levels on average of teen births.

Now let’s throw religiosity into the mix…

Ignoring Nevada (not that it would change the result), if we start with MD the state with the highest teen birth rate among states that don’t teach any sort of abstinence-only ED we find there are 11 states with higher levels of teen pregnancy where abstinence-only ED was taught at the highest levels. Now I’ve added Pew Research’s data on religiosity beside each state (Pews data here) in the small numbers beside each states abbreviation, The lower the number the higher the level of religiosity.

The average religiosity rank for states above Maryland (the state with no absence ED) the state with the highest level of teen pregnancy among states with no abstinence-only ED is 16 vs below MD where the average religiosity rank is 29.5 and there is zero abstinence only ED.

This is both an indictment of abstinence-only ED AND of religiosity as a factor in teen births.

Ironically, the state with no abstinence-only ED and the lowest rate of religiosity has the lowest levels of teen births of any state.

Matter of fact, when we cut the chart in half horizontally and look at the teen pregnancy rate below 50/1000 we find varying levels of abstinence ED (see below by abstinence level):

0 - 1 state
1 - 4 states
2 - 2 states
3 - 1 state (thank you Utah! cough Mormons)

Then we look at the religiosity of those states (the little red numbers):

One of three 4 things is happening…

  1. Religion is is failing
  2. Abstinence only ED is a failure
  3. Both are a failure
  4. There is another explanation that hopefully you can point out.

Moving to the second chart above

I’ve highlighted the number of abortions that teens have based on their level of abstinence-only ED…

Again we see that the median rate of abortion is higher than the rate for those with zero abstinence-only ED.

No matter how you cut this, abstinence-only is a failure.

Now having said that, I have two teen girls and I encourage them to wait for reasons having nothing to do with religion or the idea that sex is something they should avoid. The issue is that sex comes with a lot of emotional baggage that frankly few teens are old enough to cope with. Pregnancy and disease are also real concerns so I arm them with protection from both (birth control for both). Not as “permission” to have sex, but protection should they decide to make that choice. I’m not naive enough to believe that daddy’s little girls can’t be overwhelmed with feelings such that they decide to have sex. At least they will limit there expose to both pregnancy and disease should they make that choice.

So where am I going wrong?

Bringing this conversation full circle, if you care about “babies being slaghtered in the womb” accept the fact that religion and abstinence-only ED are not effective and provide emotional support and birth control and the understanding of how to use it.


Abstinence is the only 100% way to NOT get pregnant. Unfortunately, kids today have been pickled in propaganda that having intercourse outside of marriage is fun, natural, and socially acceptable. So, what happens because of that mindset? Thousands of teenagers getting pregnant (and the male skipping town) either having multiple births before adulthood and/or having abortions most of the time as a means of birth control. We can blame all of that on the liberal left indoctrination since the 60’s. Kids are taught sex ed from a very early age–even in kindergarten sometimes. They are then further indoctrinated by the TV shows, movies, and commercials which portray sexual intercourse as glamorous and sophisticated. Then you have the music industry. There’s Madonna (the repulsive queen of pigs), Miley Cyrus, (a fledgling pig), Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, rappers, hip-hoppers, and all the rest influencing our youth. Whatever is missing at this point is picked up by parents who don’t want to be parents, but friends to their children. This is an absolute recipe for disaster. What we are seeing is an explosion of teen pregnancies and abortions. In the black communities, young women now have a kind of social requirement of getting pregnant at a very early age. It is almost like a “right of passage” event nowadays. Black girls as young as 12 years old are getting pregnant. It is said that abortion in the black communities is the highest amongst all other races. Very sad for all of us. Young girls grow up to having 4-5 children by the time they’re in their early 20’s. Yeah, so liberal policies have created this wreckage.


What you’re saying doesn’t square with the facts…


And I wonder why in godless Japan where sex isn’t nearly the hangup it is here, or the Socialist progressive nation of Sweden, the birthrates among teens is 10 times lower?


Easy to explain, CSB. No other nation on the planet introduces sex to its children as early as the U.S. does. It’s almost as if the leftist social engineers WANT girls to have sex before puberty.


More words zero evidence. It’s almost as if you believe that if you say it, it’s true.


That said, there are a number of cultures with a more liberal attitude toward sex…

Finland is deemed the nation that has the most casual sex. Public nudity isn’t unheard of and yet, teen pregnancy is 5 times lower…

Then there’s a whole post you ignored that shows teen birthrates per 1000 have dropped since the 1950’s (you were probably a kid then?)


BS, CSB. Scandinavians don’t introduce 6 year old children to “fisting”, homosexuality and oral sex. WE do, however.




Try watching something besides CNN or MSNBC. There have been multiple stories about this outrage all over television for the past 10 years!


Which would make perfect sense, religious people are not immune to errors in judgment or falling victim to lust; they are however far more likely to repent of their error as opposed to going to far worse levels of error by trying to erase the consequences of their first error by slaughtering the baby in the womb.

A non religious people would have no respect for inconvenient human life so simply killing off the inconvenient child seems like a perfectly acceptable solution to them; since they have no God to consider there is also no God endowed Right to life to consider; so your “better off dead” perspective seems like a great idea.

I really don’t understand the Left pointing out these statistics, I would think that you would want to hide them out of concern for how morally bankrupt they make your people look.


And the “teen birth rate” has fallen because of 65 million abortions, not because teens are less prone to sexual irresponsibility.


Just like Dave, more words, no evidence…

No. In order for that to be true, the teen pregnancy rate would have to be higher. It is not…It has declined sharply.

Yes, that’s true, but it seems that teens raised in households where religion and abstinence are taught, teens are apparently more prone to being “victims of lust”, and that was the point you’ve conveniently ignored.

Look at the stats, Abortions are declining, teen pregnancy is declining, what would any liberal wish to run from?

Sex ED and contraception and openness about sex is leading to lower birth and abortion rates…The highest rates are in places where religion and abstinence dominates. If anyone should be hanging their heads in shame it’s those that refuse to accept the facts.


Yes they are declining, what is also declining is the percentage of parents who think killing babies by the millions is okay.

You guys killed off your children and those with morals did not, now the support for your holocaust is getting smaller amongst the youth that survived the womb.

That is why abortions are down, your days of satisfying your bloodlust with a river of innocent blood are numbered; if it was not for John Roberts the Right to Life would already be restored in America.

You guys created a culture that slaughtered over a million innocent babies a year for decades, now that the tables are turning you want credit for the changes (that you have been mocking and condemning all along).

More women oppose killing babies than support killing babies, that number is not new but now those hands have rocked enough cradles that the numbers among men are turning as well.

I guess you guys do deserve some credit, you have worn your barbaric passions on your sleaves for so long that you have revealed your side to be far too disgusting for all but the most decadent to tolerate… So thank you?


Births are higher where religion is not mocked as a joke, abortions are higher where your people dominate the population.

Those stats tell it all, you kill off your own offspring which leaves you no children to indoctrinate to your barbaric agenda, that leaves just the public school system where you try to corrupt other people’s children to your barbarism.

You have had some success with that but ultimately what is learned of the truth at home will survive the onslaught of lies as soon as the young see your morals in action.

The young who you do manage to corrupt end up killing off their children so there is no legacy possible, your strategy has always been doomed to failure.


Yeah, the problem with those figures is we know that people travel from “where religion isn’t mocked as a joke” to the states where abortion is offered to have their abortions, so it skews the numbers. If you travel from Alabama to New York to have an abortion, that’s another abortion in New York, not Alabama. Given the stigma attached to abortion, I’d be willing to bet there is a lot of that that goes on in the south. Making it hard or impossible to acquire an abortion says nothing of your morality. Your entire religion is predicated on “free will”, something you can’t have if the choice to have an abortion is nearly impossible to obtain in the state you live in.

If your state requires a vaginal ultrasound or has only 1 facility servicing the entire state or other bazaar rules, you’re more likely to travel to a place where it’s reasonably easy to obtain one.

So, nice try, I guess if most/ all the abortion clinics are closed in a state, statistically there are no abortions in that state, but that doesn’t mean that people in that state aren’t having them.


Sure, you just keep whistling through that graveyard and I will watch and celebrate the end of your holocaust.

If all those dead babies were the result of religious people fleeing to your abortion mills across state lines then why do they return home and keep voting against your holocaust?

Reason is the enemy of the Left :wink:


It is amazing to me that people who claim to be so intelligent can’t see the horror of abortion, especially given the advances of science particularly in embryology and fetology. In addition, the psychological horror that occurs AFTER an abortion to women many times throughout their lives, is ignored. If you want to see what really happens after an abortion, read the accounts from REAL women. This website is called “Feminists for Life”. There’s no charts or statistics here. Just real women and their heart-breaking stories after having an abortion.


If the Left respected science they would have no issues left to fight for, indoctrinated ignorance is the only lifeline to Leftist political opinions.


Here’s more about their campaign “Silent No More”. The spokesperson is Dr. Alveda King. Beautiful website.