Alabama Senate hopeful Doug Jones defended man with ties to KKK, Holocaust deniers




Personally, I don’t really have a problem with who he defended.

Everyone, even the most vile, have the right to legal counsel.

However, if it will discourage his supporters who don’t bother to think the issue though, then it should be given the widest circulation possible. :smile:


Can’t say I disagree, Silliessis. I’m becoming more and more sure that the attempted torpedoing of Roy Moore’s campaign is a put-up job, likely financed by either WaPo, the RINO Establishment, or both, so turnabout should be fair play.


If Doug Jones does win. It will revert back to a Republican the next election anyways. So at best, a minor victory for the Democrats.


Whoever gets elected will fill out the remainder of Jeff Sessions’ term…2020.