Alaska GOP Senate primary

Lisa Mutkowski’s seat is up. She hasn’t announced if she’ll run for re-election. The Republican State Central Committee voted 53-17 to censure Murkowski, citing her vote to impeach former President Donald Trump and other votes that have broken with GOP leadership. The Alaska Republican State Central Committee on Saturday endorsed Kelly Tshibaka in the 2022 race for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Republican Lisa Murkowski.

Kelly Tshibaka has been endorsed by President Trump. Sarah Palin has also expressed interest in the race.


In discussing a possible Senate run, Palin dismissed a Republican woman already in > > the race and endorsed by Trump.

Palin said she had “never heard” of Kelly Tshibaka, a state official who has taken aim 

at Murkowski over her vote to convict Trump in his second impeachment trial, for
inciting the 6 January riot.

I hope we don’t see a replay of the 2010 election. Murkowski lost the Republican primary but was re-elected on a WRITE-IN campaign; a feat not repeated since Strom Thumond’s 1954 election. Murkowski’s name has a long history in Alaska politics and many democrats voted for her.


It’s time to send the RINO, Mutkowski, home. Her “Never Trump” stance worked right into the Democrat Party strategy.

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Please push the moderates out of your party the democrats will need padding in 2022, and 2024.

You’re pushing all of moderates out of your party, @Unitedwestand, so what’s your point?


Yeah we just did primary challenges against Joe Manchin and Krystin Sinema the most two powerful democrats oh no we didn’t do that. Infact they’re imploding our agenda and we let them. I’m surprised Mike Pence is hanging around get it HANGIN around.

Go ask AOC, who appears to be your ideal Democrat, does not agree with you. She wants them out and has not minced words.

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When the time comes they will indeed need to leave some of us are playing the long game.

Do you think Trump will HANG on to pence if he runs in 2024, you know keep him close under his wing. It’s not like he’ll feed him to the gallows of history.

Um, Sinema and Manchin are not up for re-election until '24.

Try getting your facts straight and putting them in complete, comprehensible sentences.


Manchin is not getting a primary challenger, Sinema is going to that’s just how the wind blows. No point in running to the left of him a state trump won by 26 points. You guys call everyone a RINO who isn’t loyal to the queen bee. I mean Liz Cheny is like brutal conservative like defund unicef conservative. She refuses to play second fiddle to the Russian Watersports Champion and that makes her a Rino.

Pence has as much national political future as Willard Romney, Liz Cheney or anybody with a surname Bush … ZERO.

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Liz Cheney is a neo-con. Never met a war she didn’t like. The rest of your post is just trash talk.

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You’re right she was a filthy liberal and her father was your standard bearer for 8 years. How easily do you people keep getting fooled by Neo-Cons… you need your real Golden Rain Hero Trump.

Yeah cause they don’t support that sweet sweet queen bee.

You make assumptions about me and fill in the remainder of the post with meaningless trash talk.

Vaya con Dios

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No habala espanol … did I spell that right? What door a ban hammer? You think this matters to me? What have I said thats bannable? I’ve been using humor and moderating my swears.

I came back to “fix” my last post. My apologies, sometimes I get too emotional.


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That’s not the Dem leadership; that’s potential opponents gauging their likelihood of the VOTERS supporting them or not.


I like Palin, but I don’t think she has done a thing to get into this race has she? And if the Alaska Republican State Central Committee and President Trump endorsed Tshibaka then I say Palin is out.

Mixed race family should cause some leftist to say something snotty