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Oh, BS!!! Are you REALLY claiming that Singapore accepts over 4 million “immigrants” every year? If you are, you’re DELUSIONAL, AS.


You still pay for it, and a bureaucrat not subject to any market force is in charge.

At some point, you were not aware of it.

Ron Paul in the same breath as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders! Priceless :slight_smile:


I still pay for Google and Facebook as they both peddle my information even if I don’t use their site. Google is responsible for 80% of all online ads and they track everything you do and everywhere you go. I doubt the FBI/NSA knows 1/2 as much about me as Google does. I don’t like the NSA spying program and slapping “Alphabet Inc” on the same type of stuff doesn’t make me one bit happier.

Yep. All are truly independent voices who aren’t lead around by the nose by campaign donors. A very rare breed in the modern era. They have different ideologies but I’ve never cared about ideology.

It’s not, because one element of the government may have nothing to do with another element. RW said you “can stop using facebook”. Facebook is one business among many. Any one element of government is one among many. So it would be as illogical as saying that if you buy Goodyear tires, you’re using Facebook, because Goodyear buys ads on Facebook and has a Facebook page.
You can choose whether or not to use most elements of the government. Just like business choices.


Dave, you got this wrong before.

It’s rate, as in per 1,000 people

Already been over this.


You may not access it, but they don’t let you out of it. You’re going to participate.

As for Google, you gave them your information, and you have alternatives. We were never offered a choice nor can we choose to exit the NSA domestic spy ring.


Rates mean NOTHING, AS. If 50 people sneak into Monaco uninvited, that’s a HUGE illegal immigration “rate.”


Yeah it does, you don’t notice the number, you notice how many of them are here relative to you. That’s what you live with day-to-day.

Further, Singapore’s situation is telling.

It’s in a state where the foreign workers outnumber the natives — so what are we complaining about?

If this brings about social collapse, it should have killed them years ago. It’s far easier to see social trends in a micro-state, than in large nation states, and yet, Singapore doesn’t show any signs of weakening.


So the majority of immigrants to the United States, illegal or legal, most likely do not think like you or me or share our values. Doesn’t that concern you a bit getting into a situation like you mention here? Don’t you worry that the United States will continue to follow the EU and Canada down the socialist hole?

A little change of direction here…


Culture isn’t supreme here; temperament is. It predicts political behavior better than anything else.

As I’ve said, immigrants don’t represent a cross-section or average of the place they’re from; they’re bent towards trait conscientiousness. This is why Ukrainian immigrants, as a whole, have decidedly different values than people back in the Ukraine.

There people support Government interference and benefits; here, they’re far more conservative.

It’s also why, in every country, immigrants disproportionately represent the entrepreneurial class.

Again, Singapore is a small place, and would be far more vulnerable to this “influence” if it’s prevalent. They have higher living standards. and more longevity than we do. I’m not seeing an automatic connection to socialism.

Canada and Europe were socialist, longer before immigrants entered the picture.

Frankly, they both need immigrants to keep their welfare states going. Canada has openly embraced this.


Singapore succeeds because the foreign workers there know they MUST toe the line or be severely punished. Death penalty for simple drug POSSESSION, for example, or public CANING for chewing gum and throwing the used gum on the pavement. OUR immigrants…especially illegals…have no such concerns. Even if caught, they know their only consequence is a free plane ride home.


Um, there were 1,000 people on the entire island as of the 19th century. Malaysia is basically a Chinese colony. 3/4 of its inhabitants are of Chinese ethnicity - and 3/4 of their recent “immigrants” are also Chinese.

But they do. Because they’re more “conscientious” than people who stay in their home countries. Which is why libertarian events in cities where white men make up < 20% of the population mysteriously draw 90+% white male attendees.
Because they are almost identical to the native population they displace.


… You mean Singapore, right? Malaysia is less than 1/4 Chinese.

Only about 200,000 of Singapore’s “foreign workers” are Chinese, most of the 1.3 million (that they count; with undocumented workers it gets much bigger) are Malay or Tamil.

Not very different than most immigrants you’d see from the Middle east in terms of education or English proficiency.


Yes Singapore is about 3/4 Chinese. And even most of their “foreign” workers are Chinese and Malaysians(who are about as distinct from the Chinese as Canada is to the United States).
The Indians are the only true foreigners they’re bringing in. And Tamils are very small, well mannered, and intelligent.

Go show me the country with a 25% immigrant population from a radically different culture and having great success with it(double points if the source country has a per capita GDP 1/4 or less of the host nation).


Doesn’t look like it.

15% of the population… and they’re almost entirely Muslim.



Will you PLEASE stop using Wikipedia as “proof” of your assertions, AS! Wikipedia allows virtually ANYONE to post whatever they want…generally without challenge.


Except it’s a page with listed sources; that’s the difference.

If you want to disprove it, be my guest.

I don’t think that’ll be as easy as you make it be.


You could quote National Review, Heritage Foundation, George Will, Thomas Sowell, William F. Buckley, Milton Friedman, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan these days, and many modern Republicans and conservatives will call them all liars.

I think that’s why so few around here cite any source for their knowledge, facts to support their case. They just know things, I guess, like Tyrion Lannister.

Never mind that you pointed to Canada. Place is on the downward suck spiral, bad. Not sure it helps your case :wink: I’d latch onto that if I were PD or CWolf.


He made a comment on Malays that is questionable, and he asked specifically for an example of a country, so I gave it to him.

They’ve risen in standing in the past 30 years, they’re freer place to live than us at this point. The Heritage Foundation itself points this out:

That there are toxic, progressive ideals coming out of its universities is neither here nor there. It’s just as bad as here in that respect.

The idea it’s immigrants leading that is laughable, as again, Jordan Peterson himself, the guy leading the charge against progressives on their own terms, credits his survival at UoT to immigrant & immigrant parents at the university having no time for the native progressive bullcrap.

Which fits in just nicely with how I’ve come to view immigrants; people who choose to be here (or in Canada), have surprising ways of shoring it up.

And why? Because they know, through hard won experience, what’s at stake. Far better than half of the entitled natives, who’ve known nothing else, and take it all for granted.


I’m not really interested in making a serious argument or forming a strong opinion on Canada :wink: Was just being a bit tongue in cheek there.

Mostly I’m perplexed at this new idea that somehow that people just know things and facts that conflict with an opinion automatically should be dismissed as lies.


My opinion is more important than facts, in my opinion! :grin:

EDIT: In fact, my opinion is so powerful, it will warp reality until it becomes fact!