Alex Jones to join Adam Kokesh on open carry D.C. march


[Liberty Circle: Alex Jones to join Adam Kokesh on open carry D.C. march

H]( we can get some good video coverage of the event now. And I’m sure Drudge will be all over it.


Alex Jones is a nut bag.


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Alex Jones is a nut bag.
[/quote]On a good day.


Might be hard if you guy ends up in jail before then

Earlier Saturday Alex Allen, a digital journalist and the publisher of the “Liberty Sun,” broke the story of Adam Kokesh’s arrest at a “Smoke Down Prohibition” event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Adam Kokesh Arrested at Anti-Prohibition Protest in Philly - Reason 24/7 :


And now we learn that Adam Kokesh is in a federal detention center. He attented an event in Philadelphia where people smoke joints in protest of the laws. However, Adam was not smoking and got arrested anyways and was charged for resisting arrest (what charge?) No doubt it was all an excuse to let the feds get a hold of him.

Also, some guy was caught on video planting something into Adam’s jacket:


Just to add to the chorus, Alex Jones is indeed a nutjob.


What a circus…smh.


While I find it abominable to having arrested Kokesh with the most likely intent to keep him out of the picture for the ‘parade’; and doubly so for attempting to plant an illegal substance on him, they may have done those marching on D.C. a favor.

Still, there’s still Alex Jones. Good grief, why don’t they just paint a target on their backs? As if they hadn’t already.

Yes, we should, and do, have the right to bear arms. Demonstrating that fact in this particular manner, however, is going to set the 2nd Amendment advocates like myself back about a hundred years.
What are these people thinking? Do they not remember Kent State? Or are they simply unaware that it wasn’t the cops who fired the first shot?

Even with that aside, flipping your middle finger at an already overly anxious administration is NOT the way to go about ‘making friends and influencing people.’