Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made it official. “Milton Keynes” has told us that we will have 15-hour work weeks by 2030

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the unofficial head strategist for the Democrat Party, has made yet another momentous announcement. According to predictions from “Milton Keynes,” the economy will have become so wealthy by 2030, that we will all be able to live comfortably by working just 15 hours a week.

The one problem with this pronouncement from this imminent “expert” in economic theory is that she mixed up the names of two economists who had widely divergent views on macroeconomic policy.

John Maynard Keynes called for activist government that would stimulate and restrain the economy, when necessary, through taxation and government spending.

Milton Friedman called for a far less activist government that influenced economic activity through changes in the money supply.

This screw up might have been excused if Ms. Ocasio-Cortez had majored in English literature or philosophy. Unfortunately, she holds a degree in economics, which makes this mistake especially embarrassing.

Of course, it might be forgiven if one takes into account that much of Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s post graduate economic studies have been in Marxism, if she has studied economics at all, since she graduated from college.

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Thank you Lord for the confusion you have caused in the democrat party. This is answered prayer.

Isaiah 3:12

Youths (immature men) oppress my people, women rule over them. My people, your guides lead you astray; they turn you from the path

When I tell people that a college education is almost proof that a person is an uneducated buffoon the proof I offer is Cortez and Krugman have degrees in economics and Obama is a Harvard educated Constitutional Scholar.

If you want to be embarrassingly ignorant in any subject or discipline just go to college and choose that subject as your major :rofl:

To all of those who have attended college and have somehow managed to become educated I applaud you!
You came via a treacherous course with many obstacles and yet you prevailed!

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While we’re talking about AOC, my favorite Democrat, let me share this AOCism. She’s very excited to have figured out that literally pulling yourself up by your bootstraps is impossible. She shared this new information from her seat in Congress. She really is loads of fun!

(If you missed them, my other favorites of her were cauliflower and garbage disposal.)

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AOC “is loads of fun” until you stop think about how much influence she has over the modern Democratic Party. Had it not been for the AOC and her “squad,” we might not have had an impeachment. If the Democrats win the presidency plus House and Senate, she will be a major power broker.

She represents a wing of the Democratic Party who have college degrees, are underemployed and might well still be living in their parent’s basement or spare bedroom. As @RET423 stated, college has not prepared them for life, and they are bitter about it.

It is my hope that she is pushing to the point of breaking. For example, in a normal election year, Democrat turnout in Iowa should have swamped Republican turnout. But Democrat turnout was lower than previous years and Republican turnout was up and more enthusiastic. With effectively only one candidate to choose from, we should have expected Republicans to be bored. They were not.

Normally, I dislike it when a conservative says someone they disagree with is dumber than a box of rocks or similar. But AOC has earned it. This bootstrap video is shocking. Remember she actually tried to walk back her earlier dumb twelve year prediction when practically the whole nation groaned.

… we would die. Our nation couldn’t survive that. But I think AOC is pushing and President Trump is pulling in the same direction–toward a Republican sweep. I will be very interested to see if she gets reelected. Surely her constituents will be too embarrassed to inflict her on us again.

I doubt her constituents KNOW what a moron she is. The NY media certainly aren’t telling them.

AOC has that seat for as long as she wants it. Despite the fact that she drove hundreds of good paying Amazon jobs out of the city with her totally ignorant stand against the company, she comes from the area where the voters hope and pray for communism every day. You can go back to the 40s when they were voting for Vito Marcantonie (sp). It’s in those people’s blood.

She got a lot bad press from fellow Democrats after she helped drive the Amazon jobs out of the city. A normal House member, especially a freshmen, would have token a hit for that and might have had the unions on her back, but not in New York City.

can’t anyone stop her?

Just play “Yes Minister” and carry on. It got the brits through Brexit.

I love the influence she has, without her the average voter would probably still think that most democrats are sane; her influence has forced a spotlight on what this Party is genuinely about :slight_smile:

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