All Charges Dropped Against All Remaining Officers In Freddie Gray Case


The prosecutors’ decision came at a pretrial motions hearing for Officer Garrett Miller, who faced charges of second-degree assault, misconduct in office and reckless endangerment.
Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby held a news conference around 11 a.m. near the Gilmore Homes in West Baltimore, near where Freddie Gray was taken into custody.
Chants of “we’re with you” broke out before the start of the conference.
“For those that believe that I’m anti-police, it’s simply not the case,” she began. I’m anti-police brutality. I need not remind you that the only loss and the greatest loss in all of this was that of Freddie Gray’s life. For over a year, my office has been forced to remain silent in all six of the cases pertaining to and surrounding the death of Freddie Gray. Despite being physically and professional threatened, mocked, ridiculed, harassed and even sued, we respected and fulfilled our obligation and dutiful silence in accordance with Judge Barry Williams gag order, restricting any commentary from the state. In accordance with my oath to pursue justice over conviction, I refuse to allow the grandstanding of some and the hyperbole of others to diminish our resolve to seek justice on behalf of this young man. I was elected the prosecutor. I signed up for this, and I can take it. Because no matter how problematic and troublesome it has been for my office, my prosecutors, my family, and me personally, it pales into comparison to what mothers and fathers all across this country… go through on a daily basis knowing their son’s mere decision to run from the police proved to be a lethal one.”

All Charges Dropped Against All Remaining Officers In Gray Case « CBS Baltimore

In spite of her denials she has shown that she is anti police and feels that blacks should have free rein to do anything they want.


OMG, I am SHOCKED, surprised, those men were GULITY, how can this be???


Some interesting developments:

Law professor goes after Maryland prosecutor for Freddie Gray case | Fox News - This has been anticipated for some time.

Veteran in Mosby’s office who objected to continuing prosecution in Gray case quits - This is a new development. 15-year prosecutors don’t resign without reason. It suggests either that Mosby has retaliated against Lisa Phelps, or that Phelps has realized that Mosby has transmogrified her department into a base for activism rather than justice. Or both.

Report: Leaked text messages demonstrate Mosby’s bad faith | Power Line - I had heard word of this back when charges were dropped, but it looks like there is substance in this story/rumor. I believe there is a legal term for what was done with Detective Dawnyell Taylor: witness tampering; and, to continue to be blunt, there is another legal term for what Taylor did in giving testimony she knew was incomplete and skewed: Perjury!


Mosby is nothing but an Affirmative Action unqualified hire. AA is a FREE ticket and unless the rules have been changed, you cannot FAIL. Schools MUST pass you or be highly scrutinized by the FEDS ans you stand the chance of losing your Federal funding. Same goes for the bar exam or anything else, they MUST pass and produce 'X" amount of lawyers, CPA’s, Docs etc.

The ONLY way a school can give you a failing grade is for the AA student to NOT take the tests and this is (or was a FACT).

For you military people: The military releases the Officer promotion list to a semi-secret BLACK Officer Review org before its release to the military. How do I know this? Well grasshoppers I received a call one night about midnight from the Pentagon. This group was at TRADOC HQ, a 4 Star command. I grabbed my software tools and headed over to meet with a COL. They were putting together a Powerpoint slide presentation based upon the to be released Officer promotion list. The computer had crashed and had gone black screen. I go over and fix the computer, but the file is corrupt, so I take it home to my computer and fix it. Then I clean up the PPt slides and figure out what was embedded to cause it to go corrupt. I had to go thru and read it, WOW was I shocked!

When I returned and met with the Col, he said thanks and looked at me and said it would behoove me to never tell anyone what I saw, he said it would not be good for my career if I did.


And what they sow, they reap.

They start discarding competence and FitReps and objective, tangible evaluations in favor of the Color Chip test…you wind up with the same fine military that Nigeria has. The same closed-class military that the British Empire rode on to its sunset. You promote as leaders, shallow, low-intelligence personnel who are obsessed with race and have a grudge against the nation and the culture they’re in, learned over a lifetime…you are going to have dangerous men in charge of the military and looking for ways to use it to OVERTHROW.

It may be that is what we have now. We’re on a collision course with both Iran and China; and it remains to be seen whether we’ll be able to fight. Or if our army will even try, instead of immediately surrendering.