All My Babies' Mamas Reveals Liberals' Opinion of Blacks


All My Babies’ Mamas Reveals Liberals’ Opinion of Blacks
By Lloyd Marcus

… In college, I tried to muzzle my conscience with drugs and alcohol. Fortunately, I did not produce any children out of wedlock.

Tom, another cousin of mine, had babies all over town, which destroyed his life. He was incarcerated numerous times for non-payment of child support. In those days, serial impregnators were considered dishonorable men.

Today, in 2013, the liberal Oxygen channel had planned to celebrate dishonorable behavior as representative of the “hip” modern black experience with a new reality show titled All My Babies’ Mamas. Canceled due to public outcry, the star of the show was a rapper whose serial sperm-donating produced eleven babies by ten women.

In the 1950s, most black kids grew up in two-parent households. Today, most black kids grow up fatherless as a result of liberal policies that destroyed the black family. Only half of black males graduate high school. Clearly, something is wrong in the black community, and it ain’t the white man’s fault.

For decades, liberals (Democrats, Hollywood, and the media) have been and continue serving blacks excrement while calling it filet mignon. For example: in the name of compassion, liberals routinely demean and even undermine the intellect and character of blacks. Liberals insist that standards must be lowered for blacks to get the job or pass the test.

In one of Thomas Sowell’s books he pointed out that in the 50s and into the mid 60s, single-parent households among blacks were only slightly more common than among whites. With the mid and late 60s, things began to change. With society winking at and even encouraging promiscuity, single-parent households among white increased … but among blacks such household soared! The change had nothing to do with skin color, but everything to do with government and media inputs to black sub-culture. Entertainment media - movies, TV, music - encouraged promiscuity, and government aggressively subsidized and encouraged that very behavior. Once ignored, blacks who speak out against such behavior (not all are conservatives, BTW) are now demonized.

I’ll take slight exception to Marcus broad-brushing liberals. This is truth in it, and there are those for whom it is not true. But in the world of the MSM - news and entertainment - certain images/stereotypes seem prevalent: Black-man-as-bad-@$$-thug-and-horndog; black woman as nympho-Ho; white audiences as wanting to see such stereotypes; white audiences not giving a @#$% about kidnapped, abused, raped, murdered children if they are black. MSM folk need to get out of their ivory towers and interact with real-world black people and white people!


The liberal Oxygen channel? I thought it was a women’s channel or something or another.

If you want to talk about lowering entertainment standards of Blacks, you should look toward BET. And Tyler Perry.


I’ll pass on BET, but is there a problem now with Tyler Perry? Diary of a Mad Black Woman was hilarious, and Family Reunion was pretty decent.


I guess I don’t really find him amusing. He just seems to play the same types of characters and stories over and over again. Which, if he is to be an example of Black entertainment, is only lowering standards. Black people like new stories, characters, and concepts, too, and Perry doesn’t give him that. Not that there isn’t an audience for his movies, but we are talking about the lowering of Black entertainment standards, and with his repetitive movies, he’s certainly doing that. Just like if white people movies were solely consisting of Cheech and Chong or something.